President Ali urges Chile to develop strong, effective Food Safety Authority


President Dr. Irfaan Ali lauded the drive and determination of the Republic of Chile during its 212th Independence anniversary celebration on Tuesday evening at the Marriott Hotel in Georgetown.

The Head of State said that the fellow South American nation stands as a proud democracy and as one of the more stable and prosperous nations on the continent.

“We salute the many achievements of the Chilean people and wish it continued success in the future.”

He added that Guyana and Chile have maintained “excellent relations” since the establishment of diplomatic ties in 1971 and have partnered in areas of tangible importance.

The President reminded that over the last 51 years, the nations have cultivated strong ties of friendship and cooperation, which have been further advanced through the arrival of the Ambassador of the Republic of Chile, H.E Juan Manuel Pino Vásquez.

Chile Ambassador to Guyana H.E. Juan Manuel Pino Vasquez and President Dr Irfaan Ali make a toast to celebrate the occasion

“Excellency, the relations between our two countries stand on a foundation of shared values, mutual respect and mutual trust.  We share a strong adherence to the tenets of international law, including the United Nations Charter – sovereign equality of states, inviolability of frontiers, territorial integrity of states, peaceful settlement of disputes and cooperation among states.”

For future collaboration, he noted that Chile can support Guyana’s food security drive by aiding in the development of a “strong and effective Food Safety Authority”, which would be integral to the overall modernisation of the agri-food system, not only in Guyana but at the regional level with implications further afield.

According to the President, once fully established, “the Authority will contribute in no small measure to Guyana’s positioning as a producer and exporter of food of the highest quality.”

The President also highlighted the countries’ commitment to the values of democracy, the respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms, the respect for the rule of law and the upholding of these values at the hemispheric and global levels.

Prime Minister Brigadier (Ret’d), the Honourable Mark Phillips, members of the Cabinet, other Government officials and members of the diplomatic community were also at the celebratory event.