President Ali lauds Fernandes for long-standing role as Saints Chairman


President Dr Irfaan Ali joined his fellow Saints Alumni last evening in the boardroom of John Fernandes to honour long-serving Chairman of the Board of Governors of St Stanislaus College, Christopher Fernandes for his dedication to the school.

The President was asked by the Saint Stanislaus Alumni Association of Toronto to present one of Stanley Greaves’s treasured artwork in a special tribute to the 76-year-old Fernandes.

The Head of State and several other former members of the school, including Fernandes’s son David, were joined via Zoom by members of the Toronto Association for the presentation.

President Ali said that Fernandes has been a pillar of dedication at the school and has served with distinction.

“The difference between Saints and many other schools is that when you exit Saints, you exit as a well-rounded individual. It tells a story of an institution that was supported, a pillar of that support is Chris Fernandes,” the president said.

Fernandes served in his position since 2005 when the Board of Governors was introduced to the Georgetown school. He has also served as chairman of the Farm Committee at the school for the last 42 years.

Fernandes’s history at the school started with his father, who was the founder of the Old Boys Association. Fernandes attended the school and so too did five of his brothers. This honour was passed on to his four sons.

As a student, Christopher Fernandes was outstanding in several sports, including hockey, football and cricket.

When he left the school, he retained the values of what was taught and decided to give back.

Christopher Fernandes is the recipient of the Golden Arrow of Achievement (A.A.) and the Cacique Crown of Honour.

Guyana’s renowned artist and writer Stanley Greaves also joined the online gathering and related his teaching experience at the school.