Pres. Granger hints at appealing CJ ruling on H2H registration if not favourable

Former President David Granger

President David Granger has signaled his government’s intention to appeal the High Court’s ruling on the challenge against the house-to-house registration, if the outcome is not favourable.

Chief Justice Roxanne George is slated to rule on the cases on August 14 – that is, she will determine whether the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) should proceed with the exercise in light of the Guyana Constitution and the ruling of the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ).

When asked this morning if he will accept an unfavourable ruling, President Granger said: “We are ready to pursue any legal action that we feel would be a favourable outcome to have credible elections in Guyana.”

“Our concern is credible elections and we have said that over and over again that if the list is flawed then we must correct it,” he posited.

When asked pointedly if this means his government will appeal the ruling, if it is not favourable, the Head-of-State contended “I said what I said”.

Christopher Ram, a political commentator, lawyer and accountant, has filed a challenge against the ongoing house-to-house registration exercise on the grounds that it violates the CCJ ruling and the Constitution that elections must be held within three months after the passage of a no-confidence motion against a government.

The APNU/AFC government was defeated by a no-confidence motion on December 21, 2018.