Pregnant woman injured in early morning accident



The pregnant woman fainted shortly after the accident. [Mondale Smith's Photo]
The pregnant woman fainted shortly after the accident. [Mondale Smith’s Photo]
[] – A pregnant woman is thankful for life following an early morning accident at the corners of Hailey and Norton Streets, Georgetown in which she suffered minor injuries. 

The woman, who was not positively identified, was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital to seek medical care.

iNews ( understands that the pregnant woman who was in the front seat of the minibus lost consciousness and fell to the pavement upon exiting the vehicle.

Reports stated that attempts were made to stop several cars to transport the woman to the hospital but none stopped. She was eventually transported to the Hospital by a public spirited citizen.

A car was reportedly heading north along Hailey Street and allegedly jumped the intersection, colliding with the minibus bus which was filled with passengers heading east along Norton Street.

The shaken female car driver and the conductor of the bus were in discourse following the accident.

The car driver never admitted to being neither wrong nor right.

The accident scene. [Mondale Smith's Photo]
The accident scene. [Mondale Smith’s Photo]
She was overheard saying that her vision was blocked by a car that is parked almost to the corner.



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