Pregnant woman gets 48 months jail term for Narco Trafficking

Shellon Hopkinson hides her face as she is whisked away. [iNews' Photo]


Shellon Hopkinson hides her face as she is whisked away. [iNews' Photo]
Shellon Hopkinson hides her face as she is whisked away. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A 21 – year – old pregnant woman was sentence to 48 months imprisonment for trafficking narcotics by Magistrate Judy Latchman.

Shellon Hopkinson of Middle Street, McDoom, East Bank Demerara was found guilty for the offence, which stated that on August 22 at McDoom, she had in her possession 257 grammes Marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

She was also fined $385,500. The Court heard that police conducted a search of the defendant’s home, when they found the illegal substance in a bedroom that the accused and her son occupies. 

Hopkinson was represented by Attorney – at – Law, George Thomas. He told the Court that his client is pregnant and lives with her ‘child father’ and four other persons in the house.

The Lawyer also alleged that his client was handcuffed and brutalized by the Police even though she is pregnant. During the trial, two police witnesses testified on behalf of the prosecution. 

Before the ruling in the matter, the Court heard that the woman is a mother of one and is presently four months, two weeks pregnant. She also informed the Court that she does not have any prior matters and her husband is currently serving a jail term.



  1. 48 months jail for Marijuana????????????
    fined fined $385,500 for Marijuana??????
    de magistrate dash de book as this poor woman but when some big wig criminal lawyers shows up with their guilty clients she mess her draazzzz..
    she let them go de one that left he suitcase open..
    she should have gotten her lawyer to say ” she does leave her door open so anyone can put the crap in her home”
    killers does kill and get 48 months..
    this the the sick justice system for ya.

  2. This is an ongoing problem and I do hope the right authorities and ministers which is the courts will come up with ways to deal with situations like this. 1/ Most of this seized drugs will either be used by those who apprehended or it will find it’s way back on the road. 2/ Treating a young mother like an animal will not help her situation or child 3/ 257grammes is about only 9 ounces. Go after the big fishes who are doing cocaine and killing folks. where will she come up with $385.000 dollars in the times in this country? My recommendations for this kind of law breaking are a need for better rehab systems, community services etc. for a case like this I would have given the individual a sentence for 257 hours of community service which would be divided between going to the prison see what it is like, have a meeting with a reputable officer on being in prison, volunteering in cleaning at the parks and school yards etc. This will cost less and is very possible it will help to turn some of them around which will benefit both their families and country.


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