Pregnant Sex Worker remanded on armed robbery charge


Tamika Kennedy. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A nineteen – year – old sex worker was remanded to prison on Tuesday, March 17 by Magistrate Annette Singh for the offences of armed robbery and larceny.

Tamika Kennedy appeared at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court and refused to plead to the two charges, one of which stated that on March 15 in Georgetown, being in the company of others armed with a knife, she robbed Troy Roberts of cash $25,000.

Particulars of the other charge stated that on the same day at Georgetown, she stole from Roberts one Samsung Galaxy cellular phone valued $80,000.

During her appearance in Court today, Kennedy sat in the dock and made use of abusive language towards the police present in Court. When the orderly called for the Court to rise, Kennedy refused to stand up.

However, as the City Magistrate read the charge, Kennedy did not enter a plea. As a result of her behaviour, the matter was stood down and recalled later.

The charge was read again to the unrepresented woman in the afternoon session and she refused to enter a plea; as a result a not guilty plea recorded.

According to the Prosecution, on the day in question at around 23:00 hrs, Roberts was walking towards High Street, making his way to his brother’s home. At the time, he was carrying his cellular phone charger in his hand along with his Samsung Galaxy cellular phone and cash in his pants pocket.

Subsequently, Kennedy approached Roberts and asked him to do “business.” As they were walking together, she snatched his phone charger and returned it and he thought she was just joking.

A short while after, she snatched his phone from his pocket, ran a distance and made a call from the said phone, after which a male rode up on a bicycle and held onto Roberts’ pocket.

It was noted that the male suspect then asked Kennedy for an ice pick, however, he took out a knife and placed it to the victim’s neck and relieved him of the cash.

They both made good their escape and the matter was reported to the police.

Police Corporal Adduni Innis, prosecuting, successfully opposed bail on the grounds that the unemployed woman has no fix place of abode and if granted bail, she may not return for trial.

The prosecution’s objection was upheld and the matter was put off to March 31, for statements. As Kennedy was escorted out of the courtroom, she spat in Roberts’ face.