‘Pradoville’ housing issue a “manufactured controversy” – former Housing Minister


Irfaan[www.inewsguyana.com] – While there has been no official word from the APNU/AFC government on a leaked “report” by the Asset Recovery Unit on the sale of house lots at Sparendaam, East Coast, Guyana or Pradoville 2; claiming breach of procedures and suggesting action against former PPP government ministers, the Opposition PPP is calling the entire matter a “manufactured controversy.”

Former Housing and Water Minister Irfaan Ali has dismissed the allegations of misconduct. He said that the claims are “vexatious” and “lacking potency”.

Ali posited that the story which appeared in sections of the media was aimed at “creating a manufactured controversy which did not exist with the aim of diverting attention from the public outrage over the Government criminal and shameful decision to increase the pay of its Ministers by 50 per cent in a clandestine manner”.

Also PPP/C Member of Parliament and Attorney-at-Law Charles Ramson Jr also opined that the Attorney General could not charge or institute charges against any former Government Minister.

“This Unit must also know that the AG cannot direct the DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions] on any matter especially where it has to do with criminal or civil charges. The fact that such a recommendation could have been reportedly made according to this report brings into question the competency, capacity and scope of the Agency.”

The leaked report from the Unit suggests that action/charges be taken against former ministers who acquired house lots in the area; claiming misconduct.

Attorney General, Basil Williams.
Attorney General, Basil Williams.

The report was reportedly sent to Attorney General Chambers from the Asset Recovery Unit.

The document is claiming that the plots were sold below market price and there were breaches in the procedures for various transactions.

Persons who have acquired housing plots in the area include former President Bharrat Jagdeo, former Ministers Priya Manichand, Clement Rohee, Robert Persaud, Dr. Nanda Gopaul, Shaik Baksh and Jennifer Westford, Lisaveta Valantina Ramotar (daughter of former President Ramotar), former Chief of Staff and current Presidential Advisor Admiral Gary Best, Director of Public Prosecutions Shalimar Ali-Hack, privates sector head Ramesh Dookhoo, former President of the CDB Compton Bourne, Ghansham Singh and Kamini Parag-Singh, Florrie Loretta Ramnauth, Raj Singh, , Andrew Ranji Bishop, Safraaz Khan, George Hallaq and Nada Hallaq and Future Developers International (Guyana) Inc.

The report also referred to Robert Persaud and Priya Manichand who developed properties on the plots and subsequently disposed of those.

It is claimed by the APNU+AFC appointed unit that the lands were transferred with several conditions which stated that failure to comply will result in penalties by the Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA).

However, sources close to the CHPA are disputing this claim; pointing to documents which showed that permission was granted by the CHPA in accordance with the CH&PA Act for the sale/transfer of the plots.




  1. Can somebody say how much the spent on the 26 of may 2015 and the cost for that ,it’s true that they say are people give them a help can you people put there name so we the guyanese can know and how much they give in the newpaper so all will see

  2. What about the prices, the process and the free utilities. Alli should comment on those instead of just dropping words. The PPP are terrified.

  3. These guys are in this to full their pockets. How can this defacto Government removed the subsidies set aside for our pensioners and school children and full their pockets. They claim to be servents of the people. At the end of their 5 years stint in Government Guyana will be back to square 1. PPP/C will come back to build again. May the good lord help us survive the next 4.5 years.

  4. Including this former Minister, I developed a few stinging criticism of the socialization skills and lack of discipline in the former regime. In other words. they did not live up to the ethical and moral expectations set by that particular aspect of the PNC (Real PNC) regimes both under Burnham and then Hoyte. Having said that, I will venture to say the former Minister is absolutely correct on this score. All the lies, deceipt and negative propaganda is coming back to haunt the AFC and the old PNC now called APNU… and as dialectics would dictate they will have to continue to perpetuate this to save face thus sinking them selves deeper into lies and distorting of facts. But there is hope….. President Granger can take the moral high ground and apologise to the Guyanese public, the former PPP/C regime in particular and gain political capital moreso that they have cut their noses and permanently spoilt their faces with the greed unleashed with the salaries they took for themselves !!!! Apologing may be a way out… put a halt to massive expenditures being doled out to asset recovery, and fraud teams…. you are wasting time …. save face now !!!

  5. ‘Pradoville’ housing issue a “manufactured controversy” – former Housing Minister
    These installed rulers are doing what they are told by the US to do.
    US installed them as their puppets but didnt think they would raid the treasury so fast so now they have to make claims of thievery against PPP ministers.

  6. These people have nothing of national importance to focus on? Why the attempts to try dispossessing former servants of the people? It is clear that the PPP govt. officials were servants of the people. This undertaking is so hateful and wicked it is painful to witness. They better don’t even try directing the DPP on what to do. Besides wasn’t she and her husband beneficiaries of the allocation? Look move on, this nonsense is getting boring.

  7. anybody know what happen to the case of the 2 UG student who got community service for armed robbery? what had happen to that case the police was to appeal the judge order . where the human service minister on that where basil Williams on that . I cannot heard their voice because from my understanding the human services Lawrence was vocal as for justice .

  8. these apnu/afc we know we all know who you are by now and believe me in time to come the nation knows your lies so face who you are fool me once shame on you fool me twice shame on me. you are a de facto government you don’t know to run this country look at your supports the were promise so many promises none fulfill none


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