PPP’s democratic system of electing a candidate for presidency will not change- Jagdeo


General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Dr Bharrat Jagdeo has clarified that the system by which a Presidential candidate is usually selected by his party will not change.

Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Addressing media operatives at his Church Street, Georgetown office today (Thursday), Jagdeo said that for almost 25 years, the Central Executive Committee of the PPP has selected the candidate but the Congress decides on the list of people who would compete for the candidacy.

“I doubt that will change for future elections,” he said, explaining that it is a democratic system which allows every nominated person the fair chance to contest for the candidacy.

Jagdeo also addressed concerns of PPP supporters, urging them not to get worried about the future as the party plans to work even harder to ensure that they win the next elections.

“We are not departing the scene. We will be here to keep the party united and strong and make the party victorious,” he added.

Jagdeo, who served two terms in office as President, was effectively disqualified from serving another term after the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) on Tuesday ruled in favour of the state in the case of the Attorney General of Guyana v Cedric Richardson.

In a statement prior, the Opposition Leader posited that he will “continue to spearhead the Party’s struggle for a better life for all Guyanese, especially the working people, the poor and the under-privileged, for racial and national unity and for victory at the polls at the next Local Government, Regional and National Elections.”

When he was probed as to who the new candidate for presidency would be at a press briefing on Tuesday last, Jagdeo did not get into specifics but outlined that the candidate should be “hard working,” have “management skills” and be “courageous.”

Since then young attorney-at-law and PPP member Charles Ramson Jr has publicly expressed his desire to become a presidential candidate for the party.


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