PPP’s Clinton Urling congratulates winner of 2015 elections

Clinton Urling

By Jomo Paul

PPP Member, Clinton Urling
PPP Member, Clinton Urling

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Recently ordained People’s Progressive Party/Civic Member Clinton Urling has congratulated the victors of the 2015 General and Regional Elections, but said that it is not conceding victory to the APNU+AFC.

The results of the May 2015, General and Regional Election indicate a clear victory in favour of the APNU+AFC Coalition.

The data indicates that out of 410, 391 ballots cast, the PPP/C managed to acquire, 201,457 which is 5,360 votes short of the figure acquired by the APNU+AFC which is 206,817.

APNU+AFC attracted 201, 324 votes in the Regional polls, while the PPP/C got 198, 148 votes.

Urling in a Facebook post said “GECOM and the people have spoken… congrats to the victors…the PPP will remain a strong party in the years to come.”

When contacted and asked if his statement is indicative of an acceptance of an APNU+AFC victory, Urling made it clear that he was not conceding anything.

“There is no conceding of anything…I have said from the inception and GECOM has said it too await their results…all my action will be on whatever GECOM declared. I am going to go with what GECOM says…that statement was based on the preliminary results,” said the PPP/C candidate.

He pointed out that while his statement stands, there will be a difference of opinion should any incidents of fraud be uncovered.

“If the recount process proves that there were some incidents of fraud I’ll contend that, but if it doesn’t, my statement stands,” Urling told iNews.

GECOM has already said that any recounts will not alter the results of the election in such a significant way so as to change the winner.



  1. I grew up poor. I always say men are to be blamed for poverty not a Governmet or the opposition. Think about it one man having 4 child mother and bost about it. He has 14 kids. He can.t afford child support, the mother now has to struggle what a disgrace to these men who call themselves father. This is an Indo Guyanese that I know.

  2. there is nothing to hide. is it fear to have those people to regroup to recount when they had painstakingly gone there to spend in some cases 18 hours to ensure others voted. then they counted and signed on to that count. Mind you that was done together in some cases more than 10 people. Besides, there is a timeframe to make claims. that wasnot done in a timely manner, yet, it was granted. no change now you want all10 . that is downright eyepasssssssssssss. who would have placed a false SOP in the box whch was opened in front of all there present and in particular polling agents who would have signed the SOP. where did anything fake come if not from GECOM

  3. This chap and ramsaroop are soup drinkers , they jumped ship and gave up on our PPP people , the leaders should kicked them out. Urling and Ramsaroop are not genuine human that defend democracy in Guyana . They swing towards whoever is in Government, or presumed to be . Wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  4. Please, my Guyanese people leave the PPP/c to continue to expose themself.
    We all know who is the winner, so let them talk ,it”s over since the day ,they put the date for the Election. God has chosen our President bcause we the people have cried out to Him. GOD BLESS GUYANA . I would like to hear our President declare at the end of every speech He would ever make { GOD BLESS YOU ALL and GOD BLESS GUYANA}

  5. Why so much reluctance for a recount?
    Is there something to hide and something to learn?
    Is it possible that the ones who engineered wrong doings are being shielded.
    I say, fraud is fraud and must not be slipped under the rug.

  6. Mr. Urling,
    I used to look at you with respect and aspired to be like you. You have shown your true colors and lack of intellectual integrity. Please clarify what you mean. What will it take for you and others to get over the coalition victory? Please Mr. Urling, go back to the drawing board and re-discover how you got to your current level.

  7. Very early in his political career he is already flip flopping he needs to examine his thoughts carefully before he makes these statements

  8. What an arrogant SOB!. He joined the party that suits him best. Overbearing and pompous just like the PPP. Imagine if they had won, another monster would have been unleashed on us.

  9. If people like this is the future of the PPP then the PPP has no future. I predict that he will be among the first to jump ship.
    Secondly, if he is not conceding who the hell is he congratulating?


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