PPP/C manifesto delivers “opportunities for all Guyanese” – Ramotar

President Donald Ramotar

By Jomo Paul

President Donald Ramotar
President Donald Ramotar

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Presidential Candidate for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C), Donald Ramotar says the PPP/C manifesto for the 2015 national polls is one that caters for an delivers opportunities for all Guyanese.

The manifesto, dubbed Guyana Version 2.0, was unveiled at the Guyana Marriott International Hotel on Saturday, April 25 – a mere 16 days before Guyana holds General and Regional Elections on May 11.

Ramotar, delivering the feature address at the manifesto launch, said the PPP is committed to achieving all of the promises outlined in the manifesto by the year 2020.

He said this will ensure a better life for the Guyanese populace and a better economy for Guyana and the private sector to thrive.

“We are committed to governing justly and fairly, respecting human rights, improving local democracy, improving transparency, accountability and rooting out corruption,” said President Ramotar.

He also pointed out that in this manifesto, the PPP showcases not only what it intends to do but also the rationality behind the plans for economic gains which includes specifics on how some plans would be implemented.

The manifesto further focuses on employment, via job intensive growth with special emphasis on sectors that create meaningful employment, and ensuring that the education system equip young people for the requirements of the new economy.

This entails the strengthening of the infrastructural and institutional prerequisites for improved competitiveness and higher productivity. Adding to this facet, there is the facilitating of the further growth of the private sector, so that the country benefits from a mixed economy, where investment will be attracted from local and foreign capital, and public-private partnerships will be pursued for specific areas such as infrastructural development.

It also plans to introduce amendments to the contentious Anti-Money Laundering & Countering the Financing of Terrorism (AML/CFT) Act, something which it failed to accomplish in the tenth parliament.





  1. I do agree. And Guyanese need to wake up to this fact. My opinion is not that the current breed of PPP are that racist- but they are non-inclusive across the board. The opportunities are only for a few they believe they know and trust. That will not foster development.

  2. Again you sound young and quite uneducated and racist. As for educated- Jagdeo was educated by Burnham. And some of the successful Indian business people got their best breaks under Hoyte … get the facts.

  3. You are full of crap. Or you are young and uneducated. You have no idea oaf the global economic pressures during the said time and possibly would forget the fierce strikes and opposition movements of the PPP. Burnham had to find a way to survive in a tough time no different to what the USA had to do during Reagan reign after Carter. So get the history right and stop being so political biased.

  4. gone r d days wen we had to fetch water in buckets before we can go to school,line up for gasoline ,study with jug lamp.just a few to remember the PNC.Long live the PPP/C.Vote PPP/C come may 11 2015

  5. Talking about under age sex…what about all the little East Indian girls that were raped during the Burnham and Hoyte times and you talk about discipline. .what about the supporters of the very opposition party who go out in the streets and rob and beat the East Indians every time it’s election time in Guyana.

  6. You want to talk about deception! Talk about Burnham and Hoyte. Which other monkey you think won’t be deceptive? Granger ?? I am sick and tired of people like you bad talking the same very government who is the reason almost every guyanese can live like people and not poverty striken dogs. Nobody wants to go back to the days of hunger under the PNC. So as for me and my family…. and all who are educated and knows only this government can give them the life they have now and better in the future…PPP STAYS!!! So you better get accustomed to the present government. It’s our time to do what we have to do to stay on top. Always!!!

  7. Yes i believe the manifesto has “opportunities for all Guyanese”. Sadly the PPP will not allow those “opportunities for all Guyanese”. As was seen in the “family and friends” list of candidates, the opportunities are only for a chosen few.
    The PPP has sunk lower that I can imagine in terms of morality. They are shameless. They will not and cannot discipline any cabinet member because they all hold secrets of corruption for each other. Why was Ganga Persaud not charged regarding the underage Amerindian issue? Why no action against Anil Nandalall? Why no action against Bheri Ramsarran?

  8. Dennis McKenzie claimed “once corrupt, always corrupt” Who can know better than the PNC about corruptions? The PNC are known for their bankruptcy, Terrorist act, and corruption. Mckenzie what part did you play in 1985 Elections where you all took 77.6% and 15.6% votes 1985 Elections is consider as ……… “The biggest rigged Elections of all times”
    Also you PNC rigged the 1973 Elections it’s on the internet
    “Mr. Burnham did it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    Dennis McKenzie, Why are you hiding in the US?
    Were you one of the PNC bombers that was involved in the Ethnic cleansing?
    Are you a retired soldier?
    McKenzie, Are you coming home to vote for your PNC?

  9. The PPP/C have been in government since 1992 why they didn’t work hard then to achieve all these things. Why waited till now they had 23 years to get things right instead it worst than any other countries. Guyanese you need to wake up ad know when “enough is enough”

  10. It’s not going to be your corrupt PNC for sure. Look around Guyana today and if you don’t see developments then you are totally blind. Let progress continue. I encourage all to vote PPP/C.

  11. I believe the PPP/C`s manifesto for 2015 is filled with deception.We have heard before this talk about rooting out corruption,when it still exists,and with the same people in government.You cannot improve transparency when there was none before.Guyanese are intelligent people,and they know what to expect from this corrupt government.Once corrupt,always corrupt.We are tired with this type of propaganda,it will never work.I would like to suggest,that they place their manifesto where the monkey placed the nuts.IT IS TIME FOR A NEW GOVERNMENT TO BE IN PLACE.


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