PPP/C calls on GECOM to encourage use of National ID Card to vote


People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) agents overseeing the balloting for today’s Disciplined Services members are claiming that a significant number of these electors are presenting themselves without any form of identification in order to vote.

In a press release issued moments ago, the PPP/C said that early reports from some stations suggest that up to half of all of these voters are showing up without the National Identification (ID) Card.

Members of the GPF checked to ensure their names were on the Voters List before casting their ballot.
Members of the GPF checked to ensure their names were on the Voters List before casting their ballot.

The agents noted that when asked to explain this significant anomaly, the information given, in the case of Police Force members at Brickdam, was that they had been “briefed” to show up with their ID Cards.

“The PPP/C views this situation as very alarming given: the experience of recent national elections and the possibility for the opportunity being created to compromise the integrity of the poll on Local Government Elections day March 18, 2016”, the party statement added.

The PPP noted that while it is yet possible for an elector to vote without an ID Card, on the proper administering of an “Oath of Identity”, this process is a lengthy one and is open to abuse in the form of “voter misdirection, delay and consequent voter frustration”.

“The repeat of this phenomenon indicates the urgent need for reform in the electoral legislation to allow for the presentation only of a valid National Identification Card for the purpose of voting”, the party added.

The Party is calling on GECOM to vigorously encourage and promote the requirement for the use of the ID card so as to allow for an expeditious and transparent Local Government Elections process in 2016.




  1. If,as the PPP said,you can vote without an ID card,why in the same breath,it is calling on GECOM to make sure,that voters produce them?Isn`t this iINSANITY?

  2. “Oath of Identity”
    Criminals take the oath knowing that there are no gods around to damage them.
    PNC ruling the roost now. PPP will have their say in the press but no one cares.
    PPP supporters votes dont count any longer.
    Its called American Democracy for all others where their votes dont count in favor of US installed minority puppets.

  3. GECOM is a waste of space. All Guyanese should now be using computer technologies to vote. The OLD ID card system is a mess and hard to maintain. I still do not understand why GECOM is still forcing the OLD system. Since the ABC countries are there and they WANT the public to gain their trust, PUT in a computer system for voting- Similar to the ones used in USA and CANADA so the elections can be deemed fair, no fraud or rigging….WAIT –>>> These crooks cannot put this in because then PPP would finish of the PNC by miles….


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