PPP wants extension of claims and objections exercise



Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP)  has requested that the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) extend by seven days its upcoming claims and objections exercise, for the period August 4 to 24, 2014.

In a statement, the Party said it “is convinced that an extension at this critical time is necessary to ensure most if not all eligible Guyanese are on the List and not disenfranchised whenever elections are called.”

“Already we have seen the AFC submission of a No Confidence Motion on the government coupled with the APNU public support and only recently the Speaker of the National Assembly has thrown his weight behind them with justification that the Government is undermining the work of Parliament.”

The PPP said it has received valuable information from its extensive field work countrywide that many persons who are still to effect transfer of their particulars from one list to another especially in New Housing Schemes.

The Party said that it had engaged GECOM to conduct mobile registration in these schemes as well as hinterland and riverain communities, while reiterating its dissatisfaction over GECOM’s poor Public Relation work to “notify residence of mobile its units, its poor selection of convenient days and times to residents and meager time spent in hinterland & riverain Communities.”

The Party reminded that it “made representation for the over 8,000 persons that were still to take transfers at the end of the last continuous registration period. And our ground work has shown there is still a significant amount of persons that are still to do so with the Claims and Objections period concluding on Sunday 24th August, 2014.”

“Consequently, the PPP had written to GECOM on  June 20, 2014 requesting an extension to the 6th Cycle Registration since there were a significant amount of corrections and new registrants to be done as well, cognizant of the fact that the Claims and Objections period is very short.”

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee.
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee.

The PPP has again called on “all major stakeholders to support its call for an extension so that every eligible Guyanese can get on the list paving the way for transparent, free and fair elections whenever they are called.”

The Party also stated that the PLE may very well be padded and also questioned the steep surge in names amounting to 78,000 plus new registrants whereas the pattern over the years has been approximately 11,000.

The PPP also demanded a complete breakdown of the new registrants and their origin.




  1. Emile:
    Your hyena laugh will be short lived.
    You will remain a businessman selling at your mauby stand.
    Progressive minds will move ahead of you and your ilk.
    Many in Linden will take the ladder to betterment and ‘so sorry you’ will be grinding your teeth in bitterness.

  2. All the signs are pointing to a flawed voters list.
    This was done before by the incompetent and election rigging PNC Government.
    Mr Granger was right there as main player in this PNC Government.
    Are we going to let History repeat itself?
    Hell on.
    The onus is on Mr Surujbally to tweak the list to optimum. If an extension is needed then so be it. We do not want anyone to be disenfranchised by the democratic right to vote.
    This is one of the pillars of democracy.

  3. For the first time in its history, the PPP is in dire panic mode! But rather than correcting it’s mistakes by changing its behavior, it keeps trying to change Gecom and its voter base. This is a definite recipe for a guaranteed loss at the polls. A blessing in disguise!


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