PPP wants audit of Fmr Opposition Leader’s office; Says assets yet to be handed over


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says its efforts to set up an office for Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo is being stymied by the APNU+AFC government’s delay in handing over assets that it had received while in opposition.

Gail Teixeira
Gail Teixeira

On Monday, Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira called on the government to hand over the assets that were given to then Opposition Leader David Granger and threatened to approach the State Asset Recovery Unit on the matter.

The Opposition Chief Whip said the government’s failure to account for the assets should be investigated by the Unit particularly since it now claims that the assets are being used by the new government.

Jagdeo has opted not to use the last office that was being rented by the Parliament Office for Granger. But according to Teixeira, even if the PPP had wanted to do so, the office is reportedly being used as an annex to the Ministry of the Presidency and houses several Presidential Advisers.  

She said several assets listed on the Parliament’s registry, as being given to the APNU, were not seen in the building located on Hadfield Street, Georgetown during a recent inspection and the PPP upon query has since been informed that some 13 laptops among other equipment are out in the regions.

Teixeira claimed that any attempt to purchase new materials will put a strain on the $10 million budget set aside for the Office of the Opposition Leader.

She said if the furniture and equipment cannot be handed over then it must be made the subject of an audit.

She also wants the government to indicate when it will be able to set up the office for Mr. Jagdeo; explaining that a contract is already in place for the rental of the new building along Church Street, Georgetown. 

The Opposition Chief Whip reminded of the mere days PPP government officials were afforded to hand over assets they had in their possession that belonged to the state following May 11.

She said the government must not show double standards but must hand over the assets soonest.




  1. We all know that the PNC is about greed and jealousy and racisim…now they have power they feel they can control Guyanse. NO WAY… PPP2020!!

  2. Isn,t the property of the opposition Leader Office the property of the state, Where is State Asset Recovery Unit, Is the person in charge of it suddenly gone on leave, can,t give account for their own asset.
    What a shame Mr. Harmon and Mr. Thomas

  3. Veronika barbieri, daughter of hell came to steal, kill and destroy, calling God’s beautiful creation tapeworms. Satan, you’re a liar from hell. We’re God’s beautiful creation.

  4. They need more scholars like Rohee and his offspring, Harry Persaud Nokta, Janet, Kellawan Lall, Indra Chandrapaul, Collymore Zulficar Mustapha and Feisal Jafarally.

  5. Technology is considered a blessing and a curse. Mother Sally, I see you’re using a different name. Shame on you and ram.

  6. Every Guyanese should be audit the Bandits too who don’t have a job but spending a
    Lot of others peoples Money.

  7. People Power we have a bunch of dunces running our country. APNU+AFC=PNC will reck Guyana. We need to get this Defacto Government out of office and soon.

  8. Agree it is time to bury the hatchet and settle the differences and let get the country moving. But the same ones that are calling for an audit should be audited and Gail, Jadeo and other should have been on their way to prison by now.

  9. When would the people of Guyana realized that the Granger administrator was a bunch a poor money greed looking to gain wealth individuals? They saw Jagdeo had money from drugs pushed and believe that it was coming from the Guyana economy! Rice and Sugar industry is dead….Jagdeo and Bobby money was being used to pay the employee to keep it alive. There are to many alternate source for sugar in the modern days and way cheaper to produce. Jagdeo was using his drug money to invest it in other sources at a % returned back known as interest…this way the local people are happy, he remain rich by gaining something and everyone is surviving….with Captain Granger and no money, no job, nothing, guyana is going to slide back into debts….economy will slide, jobs will be lost and the dollar value will tumble….welcome to stone age under Granger and Naga….

  10. APNU thinks that Guyana belong to them. They can do whatever they want. Hijacked the elections, converted the assets of the Opposition Office to their own use and created more ministers that the US. There is even a Minister of Toilet Paper. Some can’t even make a single sentence in proper English. What a joke!!!


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