PPP urges Guyanese to stand firm against attempts to stymie development


In its emancipation message to the people of Guyana, the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) is warning Guyanese that as they celebrate their hard earned freedom and emancipation this year, they must stand firm against any attempts made in the National Assembly by the political opposition to hijack the development of the country.

“The opposition must not be allowed to enslave the future of our people while pursuing selfish aims and desires. The opposition must not be allowed to weaken our democracy.  The opposition must not be allowed to suppress the economic and social progress of our country because of its one seat majority,” the PPP statement noted.

However, the party believes that Guyana remains the land of the free, despite the many challenges being faced.

“Guyana still stands out as one of the most patriotic countries in the world where nothing replaces the pride of being Guyanese and of working together to build a brighter future for each other.”

According to the PPP, the party has worked for decades to eradicate the high levels of poverty, underdevelopment, bankruptcy, and social inequalities which had for 28 years enslaved the people and retarded forward movement.

“The party is proud to stand side by side with Guyanese of African ancestry who played no small role then in fighting against the injustices and inequalities which ate away at the moral, social, political and economic fabric of our societies in Guyana and nations around us,” the PPP statement noted.




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