PPP ups pressure on Govt to release Rodney Report


The People’s Progressive Party is adding its voice to the numerous calls being made for the People’s National Congress-led A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government to immediately make public the findings from the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (CoI).

During a press conference on Monday at Freedom House, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee demanded an explanation for the delay in the Report’s official release.

He also expressed that the parliamentary Opposition would most likely use the Report for political points.
“The question is why is the Government taking so long to put it on the GINA [Government Information Agency] website, they should release it to the public … the public deserves to see the contents of the Report, so the longer they dillydally and take to make up their mind what to do with it and think that the Opposition will take political mileage from it – well, naturally that is going to happen, but the longer they dillydally, the more speculations will increase…,” Rohee stated.

burnHe refrained from commenting on the leaked contents of the Report, noting that the Party would issue a statement when Government officially handed over the document to it or made the Report public.

The leaked document has generated quite a storm of discourse, with commentators from all sections of society weighing in on the findings which confirmed the age-old notion that the Linden Forbes Burnham-led PNC Government was responsible for the assassination of Dr Rodney.

Both former President Donald Ramotar and Working People’s Alliance Executive Member, Dr David Hinds have commented on its findings, unanimously declaring that Dr Rodney’s comrades have been vindicated.







  1. Dennis McKenzie don’t be so confident that the PPP can’t win all elections. From 1992 to 2015 the PPP won those elections therefore it is evident that they have won all elections thus far. It is unfortunate that Democracy did not prevailed during the 2015 elections which led to this Defacto administration taking control of the Government. Dennis this development should worry you since Guyana is now controlled by a bunch of PNC dictators (Granger & Harmon). If you aren’t worried yet then congrats to you however be aware that Guyana is sliding deeper into the gutters.

  2. PPP ups pressure on Govt to release Rodney Report
    Granger the installed President of Guyana was the big head man in GDF when the GDF blew Rod Knee in to smitten.
    He can run he can bob he can wave all he want he has to make it public.

  3. It is STUPID for the PPP to believe,that it can win all elections,likewise to believe it can gain political points by the death of Walter Rodney,when it is alleged that this same party allegedly assassinated or murdered many.I hope their joy now, won`t eventually turn to sorrow,then.I hope it was not party to Walter`s as well.


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