PPP upbraids coalition over attempts to discredit electoral process with “unsubstantiated allegations”



The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) is now concluding Day 6 of the National Recount Exercise of the Ballots cast at the March 2, 2020 General and Regional Elections.

Expectedly, the process is not only unravelling the vile fraud perpetrated by Clairmont Mingo in relation to the results of electoral district #4. It is also confirming the accuracy of the Statements of Poll in the PPP/C’s possession and clearly establishing that APNU/AFC massively lost those elections.

There is no doubt that once the process continues and concludes smoothly, fairly and transparently, a PPP victory at the March 2nd elections is inevitable.

In recognition, APNU/AFC has embarked upon an orchestrated and ludicrous campaign to undermine and discredit election day’s activities by concocting a series of reckless and unsubstantiated allegations that dead and migrated persons voted.

In their desperation, they are objecting to ballots on these grounds and when the marked list of electors are actually examined, most of the names to which they objected, those persons did not actually cast a ballot on elections day.

In their recklessness, they objected to a serial number at Pearl Nursery School and when that serial number was checked on the marked list of electors it was David Granger’s.

Other inconsequential, false and frivolous objections they are making, include, absence of poll books, persons voting without ID Cards etc.

This is the very party whose leaders were quoted widely in the media on elections day and shortly thereafter, congratulating GECOM for an excellent job in holding free and fair elections.

On May 4, 2020 President Granger in a Public Statement described the elections as “free, fair and orderly”. Every accredited observer team, both national and international that observed election day activities, endorsed it as free and fair.

In fact, the nation will recall that immediately prior to the start of the recount, APNU/AFC proclaimed to the world that they won these very elections. Now that the recount exercise is revealing the cold hard truth, which is that the APNU/AFC have abysmally lost the elections, they are bawling hysterically that the elections were tainted with irregularities and they are concocting these nonsensical allegations to which reference has been made above.

By these allegations, they are insulting the collective intelligence and competence of not only the Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers but their own polling agents, some of whom were their Candidates to the Poll – all of whom, were present in polling stations throughout the country and who scrutinized the process from beginning to end, counted the ballots in each polling station and then signed on to the Statements of Poll, confirming the varicity of those documents, which coincidently, APNU/AFC continues to hide from public scrutiny.

APNU/AFC seems to have forgotten that even in their ill fated dossier which they formally submitted to the United States Department of Justice, they claimed that they won the March 2, elections which they described as free and fair.
It is GECOM’S duty to diligently rebuff these bizarre allegations as they are being manufactured by the rigging cabal.

It must not be the responsibility of Yolanda Warde alone who should be tasked with this obligation. The Chairperson, Chief Elections Officer, Deputy Chief Elections Officer and all the Commissioners must defend the integrity of the elections which they exclusively conducted and managed.

There is no doubt that at the end of this process, the people of Guyana will be burdened with the ordeal of getting the rigging cabal to accept the results of the recount and to give up government. The PPP wishes to assure the nation that we stand committed to lead that charge when the occasion arises.

People’s Progressive Party

May 11th, 2020.