PPP slams M&CC over plan to remove Stabroek canopy vendors


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has slammed the decision by the Georgetown Mayor and City Council (M&CC) to remove scores of vendors from beneath the canopy of the Stabroek Market, saying it is another move to take bread out of the mouths of vendors.

vendorsThese vendors have been plying their trade in that area for decades, but last week Wednesday, City Constabulary officers said a man was in the vicinity with a rifle in his possession but dropped it and fled after Police ranks swooped down on him.

This prompted the City Constabulary to recommend that the vendors who have been operating in that area for several decades be removed. This decision was endorsed by City Mayor Patricia Chase-Green; however, PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee said on Monday that his party strongly rejects the proposal which he said is another move by the municipality to take bread out of the mouths of vendors and “force them into illegal activities who knows where.”

He said that City Hall, in its attempt to rid the Stabroek Market of criminal activities, will in effect be creating a wider societal problem by throwing more vendors on to the streets.

He said if the argument is that the vendors are being removed as a result of the firearm found in the vicinity, and then the argument must be extended to the situation at Bourda, La Penitence and other market places in the City. Rohee believes the removal of the vendors will not solve the problem.

“What is required is the cooperation of the vendors and an increase of foot-patrols by people-friendly, not arrogant members of the Constabulary as well as intelligence gathering efforts through undercover Police operatives working in collaboration with the City Police,” Rohee suggested.

The municipality, particularly its Town Clerk Royston King and Mayor Chase-Green are being heavily criticised for what has been consistently described as deliberate attacks on city vendors.


  1. This woman is a bully and we the vendors must come together and get this piece of crap out of office because of this good for nothing we are finding it harder daily to provide for our family –while this useless thing and her family sit and enjoy our money come ppl she has to go now or else our family will continue to suffer,Enough is enough,

  2. Its dangerous, your safety is at risk .The Mayor is doing a great job . If all the Mayor’s was effective as her , Guyana will be more safe. I took a trip to Region 10 and was shocked to see the most lawless behavior.ever where Vendors have shops set up in front and at the side of the Post Office. Clothing are displayed on the mailboxes.


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