PPP slams Granger’s pardons; Rohee says it makes the courts look weak

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right) [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee (right)
[iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – President David Granger’s plans to pardon eleven women in time for the holidays is not sitting well with the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

Party General Secretary, Clement Rohee at a press conference on Monday, December 21, 2015 described the President’s actions as a means of undermining the rule of law.

Rohee insists that if persons do the crime, then they should also be made to do the time and not be considered for a Presidential pardon.

“Pardoning persons convicted in the courts make the system look weak and ineffective,” said the General Secretary.

He said that the President’s statement that he deserves some “compassion” is flawed since any such compassion should be in favour of the victims.

Rohee’s tirade continued with him arguing that persons that steal phones and commit other violent crimes can now look forward to a pardon from the President.

However, it should be noted that the President made it clear that the women being released are persons convicted for non-violent crimes. The Former Home Affairs Minister went on to say that “consulting with Basil Williams and Ramjattan is unconvincing since they are all under the same cabal.”

“Under the PPP/C administration Presidential pardons were not abused. This does not mean that the PPP/C Presidents were not compassionate – they were compassionate in favour of the victims,” said Rohee.

He was later reminded by reporters that President Donald Ramotar had pardoned a convicted child killer as his last act as President. Rohee defended this saying he was not consulted on the pardon issued by Ramotar.

“The public is unaware of the category of crimes are being pardoned. Larceny of the person appears to be one, but what are the others?” Rohee questioned.




  1. This idiot won’t stop and get off the media, when Ranatar pardon the guy that murder the little 5 year old child. Where was this big mouth fool to make the same statement about making the court look bad. He is making the PPP/C look silly of having square pegs in round holes.

  2. Well the PPP gave Roger Kjan free reign to run drugs and kill Citzens in Guyana, …. Didn’t hear Rohee talking about extra judicial killings weakening the Laws of the land…. That man is such dn idiot it’s embarrassing

  3. Lets forget about race,politics and who is the president.Do we honestly believe releasing prisinors is a fair gesture by the leader of a country ,whome citizens have entrusted to make wise decisions.?Is he promoting morality or encouraging more crime? To forgive we must but we must pay the consequences when we make bad choices.Let not forget petty crime often leads to bigger crime unless a person is convinced to change his life style and desist from such unfavourable acts.Are we prepared to battle increased criminal activity other than what we are currently dealing with.?????

  4. Observer, u r boring,u keep repeating the ONE pardon he did, and he was stupid to have done that. Granger has been doing this over and over. So its ok to steal one phone, i hope they do the same to u. the magistrates r confused now!!!!!

  5. Pardon by Granger is an insult to the judicary system. so its ok to steal phone and items like those. The magistratesare almost told what to do by the president… be carefull sir, this is not the correct way to handle this. Ramoutar was wrong and senseless for that pardon he did..And believe me, i am no fan of rohee. He is plainuneducated, he could not got in the G<P<F, in my days, when i was there.

  6. ROHEE/NAGA/RAMJATTAN are all failed politician! Unfortunately Jagdeo cannot get rid of ROHEE! You cannot pardon prisoners without rehabilitation! Makes no sense because they will repeat the same crime! Its a shame that since the PNC regime took office, they took 9 loans in 7 months without re-investing any back into the economy. How do they plan to pay back these loans?

  7. Yes please remind these fools who are condemning President Granger…Donald pardon a child killer and he gave some STUPID excuse regarding the child’s parent being dead and that went over fine with the COUPIES,,,,,jUDICES…

  8. What about Fatima Martin? The 19yrs.old Amerindian who was sentenced last year February for 60mnths. for physical abusing of the one year old daughter of the Magistrate and Attorney-at-Law.Is she still in prison?If so she should be the first to be pardoned.
    It is very ridiculous for that Magistrate to gave such a harsh sentence in that circumstances.

  9. What is roti trying to say that the ppp /c never pardoned any criminals he might be right because they never allowed to be arrested and they were arrested they were set free before they tried because so roti should take along look inthe mirror before he condemn others

  10. Its so strange but not surprising coming from a ppp blogger, did you open your mouth or express these comments when Roger Khan was freeded on weapons charges,did you shout out when Ashanty Shults,Aka Blondy roger khan lady shot and killed the man in front of the night spot on main street,did you cry foul when all charges were dropped on Andre Gomes who also shot and killed a man in frnt of the same night spot, was the jackass Rohee and you talking about justice for any of the hundreds of killings of during the 2003-2007 crime wave,you all will have plenty to blog about when Roger the phantom boss is deported to Gt

  11. Rohee is one of the biggest fools to ever be involved in Guyanese politics. He can say all that crap, and then when he’s reminded that Ramotar pardoned a child killer, he will say he wasn’t aware of that. Smh.

  12. He is confirming what is to be done for those of the previous Government, who may be found guilty of the corrupt and other criminal activities they may be charged with Let this quote be read to the judge at sentencing time.

  13. Rohee you’re a JACKASS,pardoning prisoners have been pardoned for years. In addition you nor any of the PPP should talk about “flouting” laws, since you all have abused laws for 23 years. May I remind you of Roger Khan?

  14. This is an insult to our Judiciary!
    Granger action is an insult to our hard working Police who has successfully prosecuted those law breakers.
    One or two may be acceptable, but why many?
    Magistrates will definitely be demotivated by this Dictator.!!!!
    As it is police men are looking for many of the PNC criminals that was pardoned by the PNC.
    shame on the PNC/AFC!!!!!

  15. PPP slams Granger’s pardons; Rohee says it makes the courts look weak
    Peeping Tom for President since the Peeper is correct to point this out and let me add my one cent too. You want to know whats terror and violence? Were you ever locked off by your neck and be robbed? You bet 2 things will happen. One- your voice will be gone for a few days because of the violent pressure around your throat in order to render you incapable of fighting back. Two- you bet your life you are terrified to be in that area again where this terrorist unleashed his terror on you. If you are an accomplice to a criminal act means you are none violent. You enjoy the loot is none violent crime.
    Last year, male prisoners who were said to have committed non- violent crimes such as stealing cellular phones were released. This flummoxed many people since the very act of taking away a cellular phone from someone is a violent act. The act of breaking into someone’s home and stealing their phones is an act of violence — physical violence against property and emotional violence against the victims and their families.
    Again this time, the public is being told that the criteria for granting the pardon to the eleven women to be released today will be that they must not have committed non- violent offenses except those involved in trafficking in illicit drugs and people.
    maddmaxx de racist capharbhundha will rejoice over these release of his people

  16. Roti strikes again.He should realize that the court and sentacing system is in disrepair, as the sentances for serious offences are too short, especially manslaughter. While the sentacing regime for minor and insignificant crimes, far too harsh. Roti stop being such a copy catI I guess it beats thinking, and articulating a fresh and sensible view point.There was and still is only one Cabal, and Roti is part of it, even though the other members wish he would shut up and dissappear . It is my New Year wish!

  17. Well said Mr Rohee, but that reasoning also applies to you and your cohorts. If you do the crime you must do the time, so why are you and the rest of the PPPC criminals still not doing the time? Really strange.

  18. The govt is undermining the entire legal system by releasing these criminals back into society to commit more crimes.

  19. To the best of my knowledge, President Granger has pardoned NON-VIOLENT prisoners, who have already served some of their prison time. It seems to me that Rohee has totally forgotten that his President Donald Ramotar pardoned a CONVICTED MURDERER OF A LITTLE BOY!


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