PPP slams APNU/AFC Govt for ‘second betrayal’ of Dr Walter Rodney


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has slammed the APNU/AFC Government for what the party calls “the second betrayal of Dr. Walter Rodney’s legacy” which was demonstrated during the course of the debate on the motion calling on the administration to adopt and implement the recommendations emanating from the Report of the Commission of Inquiry.

In a press statement issued earlier today, the PPP said the sum total of the contributions from the government benches dealt a severe blow to the heroism and intellectual contribution of Dr. Walter Rodney to Guyanese and Third World political thought and action.

Dr. Walter Rodney
Dr. Walter Rodney

“Totally wrapped up in its denial mode the PNC and its AFC appendage assassinated Dr. Rodney for a second time. The APNU/AFC coalition administration has failed to recognise and to accept that the world knows it is the PNC that was found guilty of the assassination of Dr. Rodney”, the statement added.

The PPP noted that the victory which the APNU+AFC claimed at the end of the lengthy Parliamentary debate is nothing but “pyrrhic, meaningless and reminiscent of the King in his new clothes”.

The PPP said it will continue to expose the APNU+AFC’s “attempts to mislead and throw dust in the eyes of the Guyanese people as the Party continues its struggle for upholding the dignity and rights of the Guyanese people”.

Opposition Chief Whip Gail Teixeira, had unsuccessfully piloted the motion which sought to have Government adopt the ‘Report and Findings’ of the CoI – which had been initiated by former President Donald Ramotar, to inquire into the circumstances of the 1980 assassination of Dr Rodney.

Teixeira’s motion was also looking to compel the coalition, the A Partnership for National APNU/AFC Government to take measures to implement the recommendations emanating from the Commissioners in their report, “in order to ensure that the democratic architecture of the State is preserved and strengthened.” This however, did not obtain.

In fact, Government rejected outright the findings of the G$400 million CoI’s report.

Using its voting strength in the House, Government amended Teixeira’s motion to ‘acknowledge’ instead of ‘adopt’ the Commissioner’s report and findings.


  1. I believe,the Walter Rodney COI was and still is a FARCE,so betrayal has NOTHING to do with it.In the first instance,Walter and his brother were never military or para-military individuals to have had that equipment in their possession,because it was illegal for a civilian to be found with one.`Skip`Roberts a former Crime Chief was brought back to Guyana by the commission,and stayed at a hotel,but was never ever called or allowed to testify.There were merely HEARSAY that took place at this masquerade of a commission Up to NOW,no one has been found responsible for his DEMISE,but HE and his BROTHER.The BIGGEST FARCE EVER.What were they doing in the vicinity of the JAIL?

  2. Suddenly Nagamootoo becomes a saint,for years he had blasted the PNC for committing murder ,now this man sell his soul for a little power,what a sad man he is.


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