PPP slams APNU/AFC Councillors for ‘uncouth’ behaviour at RDC meeting


The recent behaviour displayed by the APNU+AFC Councillors at the statutory meetings of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) of Region Five has been deemed as “arrogant” and “indisciplined” by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).

PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee
PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee, this morning stated that the ‘spurious’ explanation offered for such ‘despicable behaviour’ at statutory meetings of the RDC is given as “disrespect towards President Granger” in relation to a function to hand over green and yellow Party painted buses to supporters of APNU+AFC in the Region.

“The PPP supports fully and unequivocally the stand of the Regional Chairman that he was never invited formally to the function and therefore there is no need to apologise to anyone.  The uncouth behaviour and bad manners of the little Caesars in those Regions controlled by the PPP/C is now becoming a pattern across the country and is manifested in the behaviour of some Regional Executive Officers and Councillors,” Rohee posited.

The General Secretary declared that his Party will continue to expose the ‘disruptive and vexatious behaviour’ of the Regional Executive Officers (REOs) and APNU+AFC Councillors simultaneously offering the support necessary to those Regional Chairmen and Councillors who, notwithstanding the obstacles placed in their way, are determined to press ahead with their development initiatives for the benefit of the electorate in their respective Regions.




  1. Well Alesha, the facts are clear. At least you have it all very true and spea it out very frankly. Girl we always be the loser all because we just keep on following the very true path of honesty is best of policies. We take the slap and just turn the other side. An eye for an eye. Bhapuji said ” truth and non voilence is my GOD ” Those holligans know our weakness and that’s what they are using against us. PPP/C will always be ready to listen and respect all of our Guyanese Just a small group of these hypocrites can do great damages to our nation that was the past 23 years progressing so fast and back on the world globe as an recognised democratic nation. We all have to join hands and give our progressive peoples party the fullest support to start back our nation building.

  2. PNC and all their parliamentarians was never,can never and will ever can run a government that can develop our beloved land. Every step forward with the PPP/C is two steps backward with the PNC and AFC holligans. Better term cannot be used to expalin these backward jackasses, stubborn and only wants to gain power with higher even highest salaris and organised all sort of celebration while our people are struggling to put bread on their table and make ends meet. Just pray that GOD will guide the PPP/C and all Guyanese towards a successful LG and very soon back in government

  3. Like the PNC crabs at City Hall, very noisy and don’t have a clue of what they are expected to do for the past 21 years. The fools are trying to get everything for the the almost one month more, the Mayor and his flock are the biggest T… and Racist. One should asked what he did to his former Personal Assistant. He voted for R.K as TC and throughout the years he was complaining how the man was a thief and downright lazy. so people they are always loud, uncouth and empty……

  4. Totally agrees Alesha Persaud. I do hope that this is a learning curve for this batch of PPP Parliamentarians. Hope to god when the PPP are back in office they go after all these PNC bad eggs and don’t sit there and treat these idiots like kings/Queens.

  5. Rohee expect anything better,they all CARRY ON CAMPING in parliament,at the end of the comedy it’s the fool that pay the price,,,

  6. I have a question…
    Why make such a big deal about this RDC meeting when Parliament is like a zoo? Citizens of this country need to realise that this behaviour will take us nowhere.
    Sorry…we’re already approaching the “nowhere horizon”.

  7. PPP slams APNU/AFC Councillors for ‘uncouth’ behaviour at RDC meeting
    One thing about PPP people they love to come to the press to mouth off about what PNC doing them.
    Why PPP dont have cameras to record all these bad and terrible things PNC activist doing to PPP.?
    Why PPP people dont want to video these bad minded PNC people is beyond most Guyanese comprehension .
    Guyanese always have to hear how bad PNC people are when it comes to election but PPP does not have video recorders to tape nothing to show the world.
    If PPP cant show the world all these nasty things PNC people doing to PPP people then PPP people should shut their traps..Show the proof..

  8. ROHEE wake up and smell the beans…this is how BULLY wins elections! Having ROWDY people who can steal, rig and bully….Take a look at the history of Guyana…When PNC rules, the oppress all the PPP people and the party with no respect….when you guys are in power…you treat them like kings…INSTEAD of sending them to JAIL….Just like they are sending you guys to JAIL for petty crimes…HAMMY GREEN, HOYTE, CORBIN and GRANGER should have been in JAIL a long time ago for crimes done in the past….unfortunately you guys take office and just ignore the past….so when these greed hunger get back in power, you do not expect any better….Walter Rodney was murdered by Burhnam, Green is suspected of being responsible for his wife’s death on her birthday, Hoyte used to had so many crime operations set-up in Buxton….you guys were lucky Roger Khan flush them out…..otherwise the poor indians were being looted everyday….So in all, you guys do not set your foundation right when you win election……LIKE the PNC do to keep power for a long time…


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