PPP says its supporters mobilised, excited and ready to ‘cast punishment vote against APNU+AFC’ – at upcoming LGE


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) said it is pleased with the response of its supporters as regards its call for maximum mobilisation and participation in the local government elections scheduled for March 18, 2016.

ppp flag“The mood of party supporters is high, full of excitement and readiness to exercise their franchise to elect their local representatives,” the party’s General Secretary Clement Rohee said at a news conference this morning.

“Following the electoral fraud perpetrated on the May 11, 2015 regional and general elections, the supporters of the PPP/C have openly expressed the demand that they want their country back with the PPP/C in office,” Rohee said, while reading from a prepared statement.

According to the Opposition party, “people see their participation in the local government elections as a harbinger for the next general and regional elections they have made it clear that they will utilise the local government elections to demonstrate and express their displeasure and disgust with the maladministration and anti-working people policies and measures adopted and initiated by the Granger coalition administration.”

From all indications, the Guyanese people anxiously look forward to fresh general and regional elections to reverse the results of the electoral fraud that deprived them of badly needed social and economic benefits, Rohee stated.

“In this respect, the electorate is pinning their hopes on the outcome of the Elections Petition filed by the PPP/C to hasten the change that will see the PPP/C back in government once again” he posited.

PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee
PPP General Secretary, Clement Rohee

According to him, “hundreds of thousands of Guyanese voters are going to the polls on March 18, angry with the APNU+AFC coalition administration”.

“They are angry, over the constant lies and half-truths peddled by government ministers, the politics of deception practiced by the Granger administration but more specifically, they are angry over the large salary increases granted to Ministers after a mere two months in office, the removal of cash grants and other social benefits granted by the PPP/C administration to school children, pensionersand single parents and parents in general.

“The Guyanese electorate are going to the polls to cast the punishment vote against the APNU+AFC for their unfulfilled promises and the heavy tax-burdens recently foisted on them as a result of the passage of the 2016 budget,”  he stated.




  1. Keep up the struggle PPP. We are all aware how this Defacto Government got into office however the ABC countries must redeem themselves and do the right thing for future elections in this country. They must support the duly elected party Not install one of their choice to govern as it defeats the purpose of Democracy.

  2. DK don’t dampen the excitement of the voters,the APNU has 5 yrs and that’s all, AMEN,,,,the very supporters of the government is fed up and are going to vote them out,,just be patient SORRY,,friends,,

  3. PPP says its supporters mobilised, excited and ready to ‘cast punishment vote against APNU+AFC’ – at upcoming LGE..
    PNC- GECOM- AND A B C countries will place a damper on those PPP supporters excitement.
    They all know PPP never lost a free a fair – transparent and credible election in the history of Guyana.
    Be reminded that it was the said A B C countries that Installed the said PNC to rule with their blessings for twenty eight long suffering years and A B C will not hesitate in keeping their most favored puppets PNC in office till it bankrupt Guyana A G A I N.


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