PPP says it’s ready for 2015 elections; hopes to regain Parliamentary majority


[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) this afternoon expressed its full support for the announcement by President Donald Ramotar that General and Regional Elections will be called early next year – 2015.

Flashback: PPP members at a conference in 2011, prior to the elections. [Guyana Times Photo]
Flashback: PPP members at a conference in 2011, prior to the elections. [Guyana Times Photo]
The Party  reminded that it has always maintained that it is ready and prepared to go to the polls at anytime should general and regional elections be called.

PPP, in reacting to the President’s annoucement, said  “with the opposition failing to take advantage of the golden opportunity to enter into dialogue with Government thus, boxing themselves further into another corner, the way was opened up for the President to go for the option to call early General and Regional Elections.”

The PPP says too it has “always maintained that Guyanese are fed up with the opposition’s belligerent behavior inside and outside of the National Assembly. And instead of behaving in a mature and reasonable manner have deprived Guyanese in general and their supporters in particular of the fruits of people-centered development initiated by the PPP/C Administration.”

in this regard, PPP believes it is clear that there is now national consensus for the country to go to the polls in early 2015. The PPP is confident at winning at the polls.

“That victory will see the Party winning the Presidency once again as well as winning a stronger majority in the National Assembly and in all the Regions.”
The Party is hopeful that people-centered development will once again reign supreme and all Guyanese will reap the benefits resulting in peace, progress and prosperity for all.



  1. Keep dreaming PPP/C. Ramotar has already committed political suicide, with the prorogation, he will be buried after election.
    28th day of Dictatorship rule of Guyana by the PPP/C government


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