PPP says its list of candidates on Nomination day will reflect diversity

The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.
The Donald Ramotar administration.

[www.inewsguyana.com]- The People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) says its list of candidates which will be presented to the

nation on Tuesday, April 07, (Nomination Day) to represent the Party at the General and Regional Elections on May 11 will reflect the, “diversity of the country and is made up of persons who are aptly competent to continue to take Guyana forward.”

In a media release on Sunday April 05, the Party stated that, “As President Donald Ramotar had assured the nation in a previous interview, the list will be a truly representative one.”

According to the PPP, its main objective is not to give glorious promises that cannot be realized, but to give society real tangible goals which are already in the pipeline.

The Party also promised that in the next five years, the Party will continue to foster positive sustainable management practices.

“Our framework is predictable with policy implementation flowing from a societal consensus for function and desired outcome. As our Party seeks reelection, we should be judged by our fiscal development and infrastructural track record which has transformed the lives of all our citizens.”

The PPPC also boasted of its, “political force that is clearly identifiable through its commitment to democracy, freedom, diversity, non- violence, gender equality and global sustainable development. Its track record has been one sprouting with real development of which the evidence is overwhelming across the ten Regions.”

The Party also noted that it was not given the opportunity during the 10th Parliament to develop the country further.

“The choice that you make on May 11 will determine whether Guyana continues on its developmental path. The challenges over the past three years have re-emphasized that only a majority PPPC government can ensure, through its prudent management, our nation’s potential of becoming a developed country which would create a brighter future for all.”



  1. Jim, You don’t want to hear about PPP people. Okay Do you want to hear about your present Carl Greenidge who was instrumental in bankrupting Guyana? OR
    Do you want to hear about Hamilton Green “PNC hammer man”? OR
    Your Present Granger, Harmon, and Felix? OR your PNC founder Burnham? OR
    “THE WINSTON FELIX AND BASIL WILLIAMS TAPE”? and more! Also you can Google “EXPOSING AFC DECEPTION AND CORRUPTIONS” You PNC people really need to leave the city of Georgetown and go to the Jonestown that Burnham prepare for you PNCites.

  2. what competent people are u talking about romatar the do nothing president rohee the goat man mcKoy the bully and child molester little boys lover nandlall the alcoholic and the one who threatens to kill the people at kn news and the rest of the clowns u call ministers in the P P P are these the competent people what a joke u should be on laff til u belly buss may be all these cloums can do better there

  3. I really hate to hear the Ppp talk abt taking guyana forward they had all those yrs to take it forward and still it int going forward what game is that they playing smh……..what development is that when u cannot get proper water coming thru your pipe to drink and that is only basic development much less real development, I wanna come back to guyana to live and can’t because off the condition of the place, stop thinking that people are stupid it’s time to go


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