PPP outlines economic benefits of Amaila Falls Project

Minister of Tourism (ag), Irfaan Ali

It has been estimated that electricity tariffs could be reduced by as much as 40 percent with Amaila Falls Hydro-electricity project.

This is according to PPP Executive Member Irfaan Ali, who noted that based on a cautious estimation residential consumers could save as much as $208.7M a month or $2.5B annually.

Commercial entities Ali says could see about $91.3M a month in savings or $1.1B annually.

Minister Ali’s estimation also shows that Guyana could save as much as 90 million US dollars annually on the cost of fuel.

Added to this would be a more than 20 percent reduction in the cost for generating electricity. But the gains do not end there.

At last week’s sitting of the National Assembly, the parliamentary opposition voted down two key pieces of legislation for the realisation of the Amaila Falls Hydro-electricity project. [Delicia Fletcher]



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