PPP on its way out – APNU’s Joseph Harmon


By Kurt Campbell

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) Member of Parliament Joseph Harmon has expressed the view that the PPP/C Administration – which has been in government for the last 21 years – is on its way out.

His statements could be interpreted to mean; when the next general election is conducted, which is not due until 2016, the PPP will not remain in government.

To support his assertion, Harmon pointed to the PPP/C losing the majority it held in the National Assembly during the 2011 elections.

According to Harmon, the escalation in corruption under the PPP/C rule and public declarations by former high ranking PPP members who accused the party of corruption are all indicators that the PPP stand a great chance of demitting government at the next elections.

“The PPP knows it, ask them…  I think Guyanese should start preparing themselves for a new government,” Harmon said.

Only recently the Alliance for Change (AFC) Leader Khemraj Ramjattan had accused the PPP/C of devising a scheme aimed at delaying the holding of local government elections because it is afraid of losing.

“I honestly believe that the PPP and its President wants to delay local government election because if they’re to have local government elections now, it would be a poll on the PPP’s stewardship and they’re going to do massively badly in almost all the constituencies. That is our sentiment and that’s from our activists and agitators on the ground are saying and even PPP people are telling us and they would like this thing to take a longer time as possible at the Attorney General’s Chambers. They do not want local government elections,” Ramjattan had said.

The PPP in a recent statement had said however that it is getting set for elections, whether local or general elections.

“Community outreaches involving party members and activists. Hundreds of community and face to face meetings are being held throughout the country aimed at taking the party to the people and trying to find solutions to problems on the ground.” the statement noted.



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