PPP officials hemorrhaging treasury for “narcissistic procedures” – APNU/AFC

The Donald Ramotar administration.

[www.inewsguyana.com] –The coalition of A Partnership for National Unity and Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) says it is appalled at the recent revelations of medical information of several senior government officials using public monies to fund medical procedure that amount to almost $200M in 2013.

Various media entities last week reported on the medical expenses of government officials paid for by the state during the period 2012-13, where it was noted that the government spent $361 million on health expenses, mostly for government officials, during the period in question.

In a joint press statement, the coalition noted that “PPP officials are hemorrhaging monies from the public coffers on their teeth and other narcissistic procedures, ordinary Guyanese who are faced with hefty medical bills are being turned away from government offices when they seek public assistance.”

According to the press statement, “while Guyanese must suffer with a poor public healthcare system Minister Pauline Sukhai and (Minister) Jennifer Webster among others have been exposed for spending multiple millions of dollars on procedures which have not been deemed to be critical or life-saving.”

It was noted too that the levels to which the disparity between the ordinary Guyanese citizens and “this elite group of PPP ministers and their friends have reached is indeed obscene.”

The coalition is calling on Guyana’s populace to condemn this blatant abuse of the tax dollars and reject the beleaguered PPP government at the May 11 polls.

“APNU+AFC commits to responsible and equitable distribution of funds for medical procedures for all Guyanese and also to a comprehensive overhaul of our limping healthcare system,” the release stated.

In a press release issued on March 01 the Health Ministrydid not directly address the issue of the huge medical expenses but went on a tirade against Guyana’s media.

“Certain media outlets and personnel, in taking ‘cheap shots’ for political mileage have revealed not only their political biases, but also an insensitive and inimical culture of journalism, towards the Government of Guyana,” the release read.