PPP moves to High Court for release of election information

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members.  [iNews' Photo]
Former President, Donald Ramotar flanked by Party members. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has moved to the High Court in a motion to have the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) release detailed information regarding the results o the May 11 General and Regional elections.

This was confirmed by PPP Executive Member Gail Teixeira who spoke to iNews on Thursday afternoon. The motion indicates that the PPP wants “An Order of Rule or Nisi of Mandamus” to be granted to the PPP which would compel the Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Keith Lowenfield to provide the Party with the results of the 2015 General and Regional elections in an aggregate form.

The Party also wants the reports from the Information Technology Department of GECOM relative to the conduct of polls and tabulation on May 11.

Interestingly also, the PPP is requesting copies of statements of poll from each of the 2299 polling stations that were utilized on elections day.

The motion was filed by the PPP’s Election Agent Ganga Persaud under the representation of former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall. In the document, it is stated that the Party has resorted to move to the courts since written requests to the CEO proved futile.

When probed, Teixeira told iNews that the document was not linked to the petition which the Party has promised to file in the courts contesting the results of the elections.

While the PPP has not accepted the results of the 2015 polls, the International community has said the Party should accept that it was defeated and represent the 202,000 persons that voted for them in the elections.



  1. no one need to explain that. If you’re a PPP election agent would you rig the election (fabricating SOPs) in favour of APNU? that person must be really stupid to do that. it was a systematic rigging. in the 7 ballots that were re-checked APNU stole 340 votes from PPP thats roughly 48 votes per ballot. APNU won with about 5000 votes. A swing of 2500 votes would make PPP the winner. And if we should follow the same trend in the remaining 40+ ballots at 48 votes per ballot PPP would have won easily. Why do you think Surujbally and Vincent alexander is afraid of the re-count?

  2. The PPP has no moral ethics,self esteem, pride nor dignity.The have damaged that country for 23 years with their racism,nepotism,unprofessionalism,incompetience,bullyism and terrorist atacks,just to name a few.They were the minority Goverment in 2011 which was indicative of what was coming to them in 2015 election.They were DEFEATED.This came as a shock to them since they really think Guyana belong to them.Guyanese are tired of their bull crap.Move on loosers and take your final rest and may your souls rest in peace perfect peace.Hashes to hashes,dust to dust.The lord giveth an the lord taketh away.OW lawd mi power,this is what u do to mi?you gon lef me.lawdddd.oh god mercy.

  3. Let’s face facts the PPP is ashamed to face their supporters and financial backers.Thats why they are drumming up all kinds of excuses for their defeat. On a point of order didn’t the PPP lost the 2011 elections? Why didn’t they make excuses then? Come on PPP act as a mature party and accept that you would have lost since 2011. By the way isn’t it Donald Ramotar that shortened the tenure of the PPP government by two years when he suspended parliament?

  4. It gives them sumpthin to do.. them losers are all unemployed with nobody to boss around, bruk-up or benn-up – the longer the APNU remains in charge the more evidence of corruption will be found.

  5. These folks are doing real damage to Guyana and themselves. Separate independence in Port Mourant. Spreading lies about the elections to their constituents and intimidation of the the CEO of GECOM. I know about a case of a PPP member who did the same type of intimidation until he scared the people with the evidence away to win his case.

    The judiciary must investigate every aspect of intimidation and take legal sanctions against everyone who is engaged in the practice. The resorting of terrorist like activities and looking for the division of Guyana must be met with the same response.

    These folks are letting good will slip away from them. They believe that they can pull the wool over everyone eyes again and fill every international agency with crying supporters to sway these bodies to their favor and thinking that will occur again as the did in 1990’s. The world is aware of this trick. They are wrong.

    Word to the wise PPP, take the American advise, stop the crap and go to parliament.

  6. Mr. Lowenfield please give them all they want and also give them the case of their attempt to have false SOP’s made by the very PPP, the shock will be overwhelming for them

  7. All I want to know is who the fake sop were in favour of. Let mouth open so that story can jump out

  8. i dont wantto dabble into things that i dont know.
    The QUESTION is each poling station has a ppp agent and they at the end of the count and tabulation they sign a SOP so is the PPP SOP indicating that they won?
    Ramoutar please dont waste ppl time. You will be a good advocate for the GSPCA but then again ppl may not trust you with their animals.
    If you kept free from Jagdeo jumbie u would have been great.

  9. The results were released. The math was done based upon the same , clean, and sanitized , SoPs that the PPP/C has in their possession. The PPP/C must release their results. Prove that your addition is superior, because the same SoPs were used by GECOM. Stop the “back balling” with the results. These were certified as accurate by ALL the observers. Quit making stupid demands. Mr. Alexander enlightened us all.

    Mr. Surujbally is a few steps ahead of all of your schemes. He has the APP about your Profane Plans to Pollute the minds of some of the People. Prorogue your evil Plans and Pray, you Pansies. To think that you ruled for 23 years. We now see why you were “cheated not defeated” , and banished for 28 years. Our eyes are opened wide.

    The People of this Republic must banish you clique of power hungry parasites AGAIN, for another 28 years. By then, somebody with the combined brains and patriotism of Dr. Jagan, Forbes Burnham and Dr. Rodney, would have arrived on the scene to woo and win over ALL Guyanese. And there will be no cause for anyone to knock any TASSA and carry out their Chants.

    We owe this to our as yet unborn generations.

  10. come on PPP you are a loser and a thief just get stop raising ants nest you all should be in jail

  11. How Come the PPP soupdrinkers are so quiet on this and the Guysuco workers creditunion money??? They already have signed copies of the ‘Statements of Poll’ why are they requesting more?? It is a waste of the court’s time to encourage this motion!


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