PPP has no nominees for Deputy Speaker

Some PPP Parliamentarians.
Some PPP Parliamentarians.
Some PPP Parliamentarians.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Chief Whip of the People’s Progressive Party, Gail Teixeira says that the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has no nominees for the post of Deputy Speaker.

The Party was slated to select someone from its list of Parliamentarians to occupy the post but when called upon by Speaker, Dr Barton Scotland, Teixeira responded that the PPP has no nominees.

As such, the Speaker announced that the election of the Deputy will be dealt with at the next sitting of Parliament.

General Secretary, Clement Rohee had earlier in the day told reporters during a press conference at Freedom House that the issue of choosing a Deputy Speaker is a “strategic” one that has to do “with parliamentary tactics, which you will see unfolding later on.”

The PPP had refused to take up its seat in Parliament since its opening on June 10, forcing the government to postpone the selection of a Deputy Speaker in all seven sittings.

There were reports that former Attorney General, Anil Nandlall would take up the post, but Rohee denied this.

When asked who will be the PPP nominee for the position, he said, “We don’t have nobody…We haven’t made any decision about accepting that position…it is a question of how we tactically utilize our resources in Parliament in order to ensure that we are not shortchanged.” [Jomo Paul]



  1. Here comes the excellent leader Guyana yearns Bharat Jagdeo.Well qualified respected and liked by all except for the racist who dont care for the country except for their kind to just sit in leadership.

  2. It’s good to see the opposition in parliament finally.. its just to ensure that the forces that voted for them in the election are truly represented. But the mere fact is that whatever they decide to support in the budget will benefit the population at large.. indeed the budget doesn’t offer anything new. It’s a bunch of fluff but this was rebuked by the man son in law.. so what do they call that nepotism
    . No, he actually represents anoda party,”potatoes aka alooo”. I wonder if all of these bloggers was actually living in guyana during the time of PNC rule? They are the ones who run, the ones who stayed built the country and worked.. while the set who all of a sudden when granger tek over get up and digggin drains willingly.. real hypocrites.. “let’s see how the cookie crumbles”

  3. gentlemen and ladies temper your language. We are not going to create that which we are against.
    Any one who uses racist and suggested racist remarks should be ban from this blog.
    The constitution guarantees the right to political affiliation.

  4. Only Bharat will get the Amerindians back their jobs. He had the foresight to hire them in the first place. Imagine the PNC was in office for the last 23 years the Amerindian race would have been extinct.

  5. Within the laws they don’t have that power. However they will try as dictators do. As for Moses don’t even mention him because he have no power. He is what we call a stooge.

  6. Keep dreaming buddy . In order for the ppp to have a super majority in guyana . They has to take at lease one quarter of apnu vote do u really see that happening
    Jagdeo at the helm of the ppp guarantee apnu victor plus jagdeo will be in jail by them anyway

  7. Granger and Nagamootoo need a good cut ass if they ever allow Jagdeo and the PPP to regain power. They have 4+ years to fine tune their game plan and contrive their game face. We have to stop the Chief Thief!

  8. It seems as if you have a very limited vocabulary. Can you not find another another word instead of scumbags? Most if not all of your comments you have used that word and I am inclined to believe you do not know the meaning.You are such a pain in the a** and cannot think rationally. Your comments are always full of bile and do not contribute anything sensible or constructive. Go on and enjoy your stupidity.

  9. PPP will have a super majority in the next elections. The current dictators can’t even run their homes if they have one much less a country.
    Bharat will lead us to victory.

  10. Look how these Criminals are posing for the Camera. The PPP Scumbags don’t have any shame whatsoever. These people are all about deceit and misleading the Guyanese public. Jagdeo is the leader of the Criminal gang. These people should not be allowed in teh People’s Parliament in the first place.


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