PPP focused on regaining majority in National Assembly


By Kurt Campbell in Babu John

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Prime Minister Samuel Hinds says his hope at the next General Generals, whenever it may be, is for the governing Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) to regain its majority in the National Assembly and called on supporters to work towards that achievement.

The PM was at the time delivering remarks at an event to remember the life and work of former presidents Janet and Cheddi Jagan at Babu John, Port Mourant, Berbice on Sunday, March 09.

“My hope at the next elections is to see an overwhelming majority of Guyanese voting with the Peoples Progressive Party, if we are earnest in our annual journey here to pay tribute to the Jagans we must ensure that people see Cheddi in us” Hinds added.

He urged supporters present to never allow the current situation which occurs at present, where the opposition holds a majority in the House to recur.

“This situation where the opposition holds a majority in the House must never occur again and we must work towards turning the situation around and regaining our majority status.”

Meanwhile, General Secretary of the PPP/C Clement Rohee also echoed similar sentiments as the Prime Minister. Rohee in his address opined that the regardless of the party’s status in the National Assembly, it remains the largest and strongest political force to reckon with.

“You must be aware and alert of the political adversary working to change the political dynamics in this country, they are working to ensure that the PPP doesn’t remain a solid political force and we have to work to and do everything that is possible to ensure they do not succeed” Rohee told supporters.

He said the opposition continues to use it one seat majority to bully the executive, adding that the party, which was democratically elected will remain solid as a rock until the next elections are held.

According to the PPP GS, citizens are fed up of the opposition’s (APNU, AFC) behavior in the House. There was much talk also of Cheddi Jagan’s efforts to bring together Guyanese of all class and ethnic background.



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