PPP files police report of intimidation/abuse by suspected Coalition supporters

Gail Teixeira and Charles Ramson Jr. [Neil Marks' Photo]

By Radha Motielall

Gail Teixeira and Charles Ramson Jr. [Neil Marks' Photo]
Gail Teixeira and Charles Ramson Jr. [Neil Marks’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has filed several complaints with the Guyana Police Force of intimidation and of its candidates, supporters and potential polling stations.

PPP’s Assistant Election Agent for the Georgetown area, Gail Teixeira told a media conference on Friday, April 17 that the owner of a house that is a known place of poll during previous elections was intimidated and threatened that “no one will be allowed to vote” at the said location.

According to Teixeira, this occurred on Middle Road, La Penitence. The Party also reported to the police cases of covert and overt intimidation at public meetings by persons wearing and bearing APNU-AFC paraphernalia.

Teixeira said while the behaviour was witnessed on most occasions by the police, no effort was made by ranks present to control the intimidation and attacks being leveled at the Party candidates and supporters.

These cases of intimidation she said are escalating to the point where they are being forced to cancel public meetings, as was the case in Sophia. In one instance, she said a man was physically abused and had to seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, Freddie Kissoon and AFC leader Khemraj Ramjattan were also singled out for intimidation leveled against PPP candidate Charles Ramson Jnr.

Ramson told the media that while flagging an area along Sheriff Street, Kissoon and other rolled up in their vehicles and began a verbal abuse against him and other Party comrades.

The Party is now calling on the Police to pay heed to its concerns/reports and to do what is necessary to ensure an election that is free from fear and intimidation.

Teixeira is also calling on the opposition coalition to speak out against these behaviors of its supporters, adding that despite the ongoing situation, they have not once spoken out against it.




  1. Where is the potable water in the coalition? Corbin was accused of rape, Nigel Hughes with witness tampering, Granger with knowledge and possible evolvement of the missing army weapons as well as the killing of Dr. Walter Rodney, Greenidge a failed minister of finance who never audited the accounts under the pnc rule…..and the list goes on! Sorry, but your potable water you have grown used to under your pnc was filled with “grums” just like your coalition is!

  2. is it guyana police they report to or ppp police..citizens being brutalized lef rite center and it dont bother ppp none…ppp still hiring more that vote pnc..now ppp crying about people pulling donk their signs and crashing their cups????

  3. U r so foolish!
    A police report was filed!
    What do you need to notice?
    Nothing, nothing will help the uneducated.

  4. This bullyism is PNC/APNU trademark.
    The wife’s cowards are not far behind.
    They do not know how to behave like decent citizens.
    What a shame for us.
    What a let down for us.
    The world over is laughing.
    Everywhere is the same hooliganism.

  5. Fitz Ralph, You’re no nice boy to put up your ugly face in our face. We don’t need you here man we got this you don’t understand propaganda.

  6. Somebody will have to put a stopping to Freddie Kisson! Kisson has became a mad man. Ramjattan and the PNC realize they can’t make it so they are getting very desperate.

  7. I disagree with the abuse I know Ramjattan is a arrogant cuss bird but you all should ignore Freddie Kissoon. Freddie just looking for a young man, all of us know them aunty men like to buise.

  8. more lies and fear mongering by the ppp / government and this is shameful disregard for the guyanese peoples’ intelligence.

    here again this barefaced woman and a young punk from the classless party are telling people not to trust the police and the gdf with this foolishness that the police stood idly by and watch the plantation owners and pre-madonnas being harassed.

    when will the guyanese people grow spine and tell the lying devious race-baiting cabal and their supporters that they will not allow them to continue sowing seeds of discord among the guyanese people?

    vote out these liars come may 11th!.

  9. I just have one question for the ministers and politicians of this country. If you who have power and authority to protect yourselves can’t, what about the ordinary East Indian citizens of this country? I am very confused.


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