PPP Eid Message


The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) extends greetings to our Muslim brothers and sisters on the occasion of Eid-ul-Adha. Muslims observe this festival by way of sacrifices and charitable acts to those in need. But it is the lesson of faith and obedience to the command of God as exemplified by the prophet Abraham who was willing to sacrifice his only son as commanded by God that resonated with humanity as a whole.

pppThe PPP joins with Muslims in Guyana and throughout the world in the observance of this festival.

The PPP fully embraces this message of sacrifice and takes this opportunity to assure all Guyanese that no sacrifice can be considered too great when it comes to liberating the country and for that matter the world as a whole from evil.

Once again, greetings to all of Guyana and Muslims in particular on this auspicious occasion.

People’s Progressive Party



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