PPP denies erosion of principles set out by Dr. Cheddi Jagan


Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee at the PPP Press Conference. [Photo: Shaan Mohamed]
Home Affairs Minister, Clement Rohee at the PPP Press Conference. [Photo: Shaan Mohamed]
The Peoples Progressive Party Civic [PPP/C] has denied claims that the principles established for the party by its founder, the late Dr. Cheddi Jagan is being eroded.

These claims were debunked today at the Party’s weekly press conference by Home Affairs Minister Clement Rohee, who was at the time, updating the media on preparations for the PPP congress.

When asked about the erosion of principles, Minister Rohee, who is also the Chairman of the National Congress Committee said, “There are certain individuals out there, who are constantly plugging that line. You will never hear persons from inside the PPP, you will never hear members of PPP making such allegations, it is the detractors, it is the defectors, the people who have left us, who you would hear those views coming from.”

Rohee believes that these allegations are now being made so as to influence the outcome of the congress.

“What we have noticed over the past few months, there seems to be a concerted attempt by certain individuals who were once leaders of this party to influence the direction of the congress and to influence the membership and we believe that as we get closer to the congress, such attempts will intensify,” Rohee explained.

Without mentioning names, the Home Affairs Minister said that there is a certain “politic writer” in the Sunday Stabroek News, who is “hammering away at the PPP to which he once belonged and the congress in particular. The objective it would seem to us is to influence the outcome of the congress, to influence the delegates and observers going to the congress to make decisions.”

Rohee is adamant that the PPP/C Party remains united.

“The Party hasn’t split into fractions and we’re going to the congress as a united party and we will come out of congress more united.”