PPP criticizes APNU’s James Bond for representing confessed Drug Trafficker

Attorney - at - Law, James Bond


Attorney - at - Law and APNU Parliamentarian, James Bond
Attorney – at – Law and APNU Parliamentarian, James Bond

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Attorney – at – Law, James Bond is being heavily criticized by the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) for representing self-confessed drug trafficking, Leonard Bacchus, who was recently given a five year suspended sentenced by Magistrate, Alex Moore.

The PPP in a statement yesterday (Thursday, November 27) called out the main Opposition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – of which Bond is a Member and Parliamentarian, to “walk the walk when it comes to the issue of drug trafficking in Guyana.”

According to the PPP, the APNU leader, David Granger, has on several occasions in the past described Guyana as a narco-state and chastised government for not doing enough to tackle the issue of drug trafficking.

“However, it was only last week a senior member and Member of Parliament representing Mr. Granger’s Party, Attorney – at – Law, James Bond, represented a confessed drug dealer, who he managed to secure a suspended sentence for.

Leonard Bacchus
Leonard Bacchus

“This is kind of hypocrisy by the opposition and this action is another indication of how disingenuous the opposition can be. While Mr. Bond was not representing the APNU in the trial, the fact of the matter is he represents a political party which time and again sought to give the public the impression it is serious about tackling the drug trade,” the PPP noted in its statement.

The Party questioned: “Is the opposition really helping to fight crime and drug trafficking in Guyana? The answer is a clear NO because were they serious then Mr. Bond would not have represented a man who confessed to being in possession of drugs.”

The PPP continued its diatribe by reiterating accusations that the APNU “had always been in bed with the criminal underworld.”

The ruling Party reminded that Granger was photographed in the Company of “gun-toting bandit Kevin Fields, during the funeral of a criminal killed by police.”

This photo shows Kevin Fields offering a bottle of water to Grant's mother while she is being consoled by Opposition Leader, David Granger
This photo shows Kevin Fields offering a bottle of water to Grant’s mother while she is being consoled by Opposition Leader, David Granger

The funeral the PPP referred to is that of Shaquille Grant, who was shot and killed in 2012 by the Police while he was hanging out with some friends in a relative’s yard in Agricola, East Bank Demerara.

Three police officers were charged for his death, two of them remain on the run. It should be noted that Grant was never charged for any crime and had no criminal record nor was he linked to any criminal activity when he was gunned down by the Police on September 11, 2012.

Fields on the other hand, was shot and killed following a robbery. Fields was in a photograph at the 2012 funeral of  Grant while Granger was consoling Grant’s mother.  


  1. PNC/CRAPNU History of support for crime and it’s elements dates back more than 30 years! Buxton, Agricola, Lyndon London (blackie) coffin dressed with the national flag of this country!!! Are you people really serious about making comparisons between the afc, CRAPNU and the PPP when it comes to who supports crime and criminals???? Get real!

  2. Anil Nandall once represented Ricardo Rodrigues and even got him free after guns were found in Lethem and police issued a warrant for his arrest.
    So we that ppp as well not serious about fighting crime.

  3. A man is innocent until proven guilty. The PPP/C should be the last set of people in Guyana to talk about James Bond representing a drug dealer. This country affords a living to anyone who is willing to work. Mr. Bond is doing his job, it is for the Judge or jury to decide if he is innocent or guilty that is not Mr. Bond’s job. His job is to get his client off. Period. He should not care whether his client is innocent or guilty, he just need to focus on doing his job. If you want to go that route how about the lawyers that represent jagdeo or Ramotar the two biggest thieves in the country. 17th day of PPP/C dictatorship one party rule of Guyana.


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