PPP considering “serious legal challenges” …if list withdrawal issue not addressed

Opposition Leader Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Amid concerns that hundreds of people whose name appeared on backers list for various political parties having difficulty removing it, the People’s Progressive Party says if the issue is not addressed by GECOM, it will look at mounting legal challenges.

“If GECOM doesn’t address this citing some, because I suspect the disappearance of the CEO has something to do with this but I don’t want to unkind or unfair to him I hope that they will dress this, but if they don’t address this then I foresee serious legal challenges” Jagdeo said

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo addressed the on the ongoing issue with regards to having the names of people  removed from voters lists on which their named appeared on but they are unaware or it was maliciously put there.

“If they don’t remove these names, then that would be tantamount to allowing that to happen in this country, that I can say that I don’t want to support you but because you fraudulently put my name their and I didn’t get to do it one time, remove my name although I have an affidavit then I have to back you and make your name valid. How could that be fair or legal?”, Jagdeo questioned.

51 persons who were tricked into placing their names on AFC’s Berbice list were removed late Wednesday evening, however, others have not been so lucky to have their names removed.

Some of the persons who turned up at Whim Village, Berbice to have their names removed from the list

“We are going to be vigilant, right across this country because this is not like in the past where we were a little bit more trusting because we have seen how a pattern has emerged. It tells you a lot about the desperation of these parties and how they can’t find backers to even contest the elections” Jagdeo stated.

Persons whose names appeared on various voters’ lists for the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) but had no knowledge of it were given the opportunity to have it corrected before the end of Wednesday, August 26, 2018.

This decision was made at the statutory meeting held at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) on Tuesday, when all commissioners, including those nominated by the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) were present.

However, on Wednesday when some of these persons turned up to have the issue rectified at the various GECOM offices, they were blocked from doing so.

Only Monday, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo revealed that there were already several instances of electoral fraud for the 2018 LGE.

On Nomination Day, dozens of lists of names and signatures, purporting to be backers of candidates, were palpably defective because of forgeries.

These lists contained the names of deceased persons, persons who never existed and persons whose names were placed there without their knowledge and authority or through some fraudulent means.


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