PPP Congress preparations in its final stages


DSC04762Chairman of the National Congress Committee, Clement Rohee today reported that the Peoples Progressive Party is in its final stages of preparations for the Congress, which will be held from August 2 to 4, at J.C. Chandisingh Secondary School, Port Mourant, Corenytne, Berbice.

According to Rohee, the National Congress Committee has been meeting regularly and also all Sub-Committees that were established, including the Local Congress Committee.

When questioned, Rohee said that groups have sent in several nominations for the leadership position, but thus far no names have been revealed. He explained that the Executive Secretary receives the nominations; the credentials committee will process the nominations to ensure that those nominated are persons who fulfill the requirements of the constitution.

Rohee is optimistic that the results of the congress will put the PPP in good stead and will guide the government in its policies and will move the country forward, notwithstanding the challenges.

The theme for the Congress is: Strengthen the Party, Build Unity; Advance Democracy.

“These three pillars are intended to be the ultimate end result after the conclusion of our Congress bearing in mind that the future direction of the party will also be decided here,” Rohee said.

He explained that Party groups across the country and overseas are in the process of finalizing their delegates and observers they will be sending to Congress and are also in the process of making their nominations for Congress Awards, while fallen comrades from the period of the last Congress to now will also be recognized.