PPP confident of winning next election

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee and Party Member, Zulficar Mustapha.


The People’s Progressive Party [PPP] is confident of winning the next general elections; however this will only be a possibility if hard political work is done.

This is according to Central Executive Member of the Party, Clement Rohee, who was asked the question today, Monday July 29 at the PPP’s weekly press conference.

“As a long standing member of the party…I have a sense of the adrenaline in the party….this party is always prepared for any eventuality and we have the machinery, we have the leadership at various levels, who so long as they are involved in discussions, so long as they are consulted upon…I am confident that the party under any condition with any issue we always, according to the song ready for the road,” Rohee said.

Rohee also expressed confidence that the party will be able to regain the majority in Parliament if elections are called today.

“Hard work is required even as we speak. It could be accomplished. It can be accomplished, it will be accomplished, but hard work is required.”

Given what is occurring in the National Assembly and the fact that national projects are being stalled as a result of the opposition parties, Rohee was asked why doesn’t the government call elections and ease the distress of the country.

He responded, “I think so long as we go out and explain to the people, why the APNU, why there are some elements in the opposition that are placing roadblocks on these major capital projects, we have to constantly go out there and explain and educate the people. We cannot take the people for granted. This is painstaking political work which is required…We have to go house to house, village to village and explain to the people why the opposition is behaving the way they are.”

According to Rohee, “Once we are satisfied that the people are fully educated and aware and conscious of why these developments have taken place, we will be able to evaluate and make a determination.”



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