PPP Commissioners say GECOM was informed about ‘stuffed ballot boxes’

Dr. Steve Surujbally
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Commissioners representing the People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) at the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) have rebuffed comments made by Chairman, Dr Steve Surujbally that he was not informed of a high voter turnout at some polling stations during the November 28, 2011 general and regional elections.

The follows an allegation which was recently made by former President, Bharrat Jagdeo that there were stuffed ballot boxes during the last elections; however the GECOM Chairman had rejected those claims, nothing that it was a figment of Jagdeo’s imagination and that the Commission was never informed of such.

But the PPP GECOM commissioners in a statement on Tuesday, April 28 noted that they presented such information to the Commission.

“We, the under signed Commissioners of the Guyana Elections Commission, note with concern and surprise, the position taken by Chairman Dr. Steve Surujbally, that instances of unusually high voter turnout at polling stations were not previously brought to his attention. We wish to go on record as having presented such information several months ago to him and the Secretariat staff,” the statement, which was signed by Mohamood Shaw and Athmaram Mangar, noted.

At the PPP/C rally at Stewartville, West Coast Demerara at the weekend, Jagdeo in urging international observers in Guyana for the May 11 elections to be vigilant at all polling stations alleged that ballot boxes were “stuffed” in some places during the 2011 elections.

Jagdeo told the crowd that “we know what happen in 2011. In some of the villages, where they threw our polling agents out or where we didn’t have polling agents, the vote went up from an average of 74% to 95%. They stuffed the boxes in those areas. We have to guard against that happening again”.

When asked to respond to Jagdeo, Dr Surujbally had told iNews: “If it is true what he is reported to have said then it’s a figment of his imagination. I have never heard of that, I have asked my staff and never heard of this accusation before.”



  1. jagdeo lacks credibility in everything he says ,as a matter of fact he now finds it very convenient to sensationalize a few stupid guyanese talking about stuffed ballot boxes.especially at a time when he knows that the ppp.is near their end games.the only free and fair election they have contested is in 1992,they rigged all the others.

  2. Jagdeo needs to shut up… Seriously? He thinks there was rigging in 2011? Unless of course he’s talking about PPP stronghold areas where there were hardly any observers… Anyway, what happened last time will not happen again… At least not in our area…

  3. Young Spartacus is too young to know about rigged elections! To know please Google: “The PNC rigged 1985 election in Guyana” Also Google:
    “Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    Also please Google: “The biggest rigged electionof all times” by PNC!
    To see PNC corruptions, Google “The Winston Felix and Basil Williams tape”

  4. Bharrat is not a stupid man to say things he can’t defend. I know that at every polling station there is a list of people who can vote there. Now you tell me how can a list of 50 persons have a ballot box filled with almost 150 ballot papers? ???? If he says it was stuffed then it was stuffed.

  5. Please publish the letter. There must be a paper trail, right? By E-mail prhaps?The election was held in November 2011. This information was passed on to Dr. Surujbally several monthe ago. Interesting, no? Were these commissoners asked to do this for some other purpose? Just asking!

  6. It’s nonsensical to assume that because voter turn out at some polling stations were above 90% ballot boxes were stuffed. Jagdeo and his PPP Gecom commissioners are crazy and delusional. They can’t believe that people want them out so bad that they will ensure they turn out and vote? This is downright stupidity.

  7. Will a thief say I am tiefing?
    Did Burnam said that he rigged all elections?
    I was a polling agent and I saw how the 1968 election was rigged but was powerless to stop it.
    Yes Sir, the PNC staff allright!


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