PPP/C to use oil revenues to improve education, reduce tax, create jobs


With Guyana expected to be earning billions from its oil and gas sector next year, the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has shared a glimpse of its plan for the country.
In its Elections Manifesto “Our Plan for Prosperity 2020-2025”, the PPP outlined areas it will spend the oil revenues.

These include:

Support for job creation.

World class education and health care for Guyanese.

Social and economic infrastructure.

Targeted cash transfer to Guyanese particulary the elderly, children, the poor and other vulnerable groups.

Strong local content for Guyanese with legislative safeguards.

Savings for future generations.

Tax reduction for Guyanese

“The oil resource belongs to the people of Guyana. We will ensure that oil revenue works for all Guyanese, and is spent on improving people’s lives and in support of job creation,” the PPP said.