PPP/C regains 10 “spoilt votes” in recount – Nandlall


The Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) has stated that not only is the national recount validating its claim of victory at the March 2 polls but is also unearthing more votes for the party.

Updating media operatives outside the Arthur Chung Conference Centre this morning (Sunday, May 10, 2020), PPP Executive Member Anil Nandlall disclosed that the party has gotten 10 new votes during the process.

“The PPP still gets more votes than we had on our Statements of Poll. I think we are ahead by 10 additional votes that we’ve gotten from the recount process,” he stated.

According to Nandlall, these votes were initially deemed “spoilt” but when reexamined during the recount process were actually found to be valid.

“When you examined the ballots… there were PPP votes that were unlawfully deemed spoilt,” he noted.

The former Legal Affairs Minister and Attorney General posited that there could be even more such votes that were taken away from the party.

However, he noted that this is nothing new and has happened before at previous elections.

In fact, he believes it did occur at the 2015 elections which the PPP/C lost.

“These things happen… That is why we asked for a recount in 2015. Remember we lost Region Eight (Potaro-Siparuni) by one single ballot and in that region, they were over 28 spoilt ballots. I am convinced that were our requests for a recount granted, we would’ve won that region,” he contended.

The national recount is on day five and the PPP/C says that it has already vindicated the party’s claim of victory at the March 2 polls by over 15,000 votes.