PPP/C members elected as Mayor, Deputy Mayor of Mabaruma, Anna Regina

The Mayor, Deputy and Councillors of Anna Regina
Representatives of the Mabaruma Town Council

People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) member Chris Phang was, on Friday morning, elected to serve as Mayor of the town of Mabaruma.

In the words of the Mayor-elect “The Mayor’s office will be open to all regardless of race, political affiliations…all are welcome”.

Seconding him is Carolyn Robinson who was elected as Deputy Mayor.

The Mayor, Deputy and Councillors of Anna Regina

The Mayor, deputy mayor and elected councillors, all took their Oath-of-Office to serve the people of Mabaruma.

In the meanwhile, Pastor Rajendra Prabhulall is now the new Mayor of the Township of Anna Regina, Region Two (Pomeroon/Supenaam) while Rudolph Williams was elected Deputy Mayor, both representatives of the PPP/C.

Prabhulall’s main aim is to meet with the citizens, especially the business community to discuss a way forward in seeing developments in various areas.

“If we give incentives and other support to the business sector they will eventually grow and the demand will be there for employment and our people will be the ones to be benefiting” he said.

Williams also pledged to give his fullest support to the Mayor and Council.




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