PPP/C Berbice supporters express confidence in Ali-Phillips team  


…welcome fresh faces on Candidates’ Lists

People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) supporters in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) are placing their confidence in the leadership of Dr Irfaan Ali and his running mate Brigadier (ret’d) Mark Phillips.

They are confident that the duo would deliver a victory on March 02 when the nation head to the polls for the General and Regional Elections.

Thousands are making their way to the Albion Community Centre Ground, Berbice to listen to the Party’s presidential candidate present his vision for the development of Guyana.

PPP/C supporters making their way to the rally

Prior to the commencement of the rally, INEWS spoke to some of the supporters.

They all expressed confidence in Ali’s ability to deliver a majority in the House, effectively putting the PPP/C back in charge of the affairs of the country. Additionally, when asked about the Lists of Candidates recently submitted to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the supporters all welcomed the fresh faces as well as dubbing the lists as one of the most ‘youthful’ and ‘diverse’.

The supporters are currently gathering at the venue awaiting the arrival of the Party’s leaders. The Rally, second to be hosted by the PPP/C, is expected to start at 15:00h and thousands have already flocked the Albion Community Centre road.

Groups of supporters heading to Albion

Chandrowtie Persaud said that she has been travelling since 10:00h from the West Coast of Demerara just to hear from her leaders. She said that she is confident of a PPP/C victory noting that Ali is the best man to lead Guyana forward.

“I am happy with how the party is campaigning and I travelled here just to hear them tell us why we should vote for them. I already made up my mind and I am ready for elections,” she said.

Another group making their way to Albion

Zameer Ali said that for the past five years the people of Berbice have been suffering at the hands of the APNU/AFC administration.

“We voting them out. They have to go and we need responsible people here,” he declared.