PPP awaiting invoices from NCN for political ads – Rohee


Subsequent to the report of the forensic audit conducted on the state broadcaster, National Communications Network (NCN) which revealed that the company failed to bill the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) for advertisements it aired, totalling some $18,204,750, the party’s General Secretary Clemet Rohee has alleged that the PPP never received the invoices for these advertisements from the company.

The summary of PPP/C’s advertisements aired by NCN includes $4,704,000 for 100.1 Fresh FM; $5,667,500 for 98.1 Hot FM; 3,878,250 for Channel 11 and $3,955,000 for the Voice of Guyana 102.5.

Also included in the PPP/C’s debt is Gy$12,988,500, which was recorded as Public Service Announcements (PSA). The auditor pointed out that NCN could not have presented a documented policy on PSAs, but noted that political advertisements are not approved as PSAs.

PPP/C General Secretary, Clement Rohee
PPP/C General Secretary, Clement Rohee

Meanwhile as it relates to 2015, PPP/C was not invoiced for advertisements aired by NCN to the tune of $3,708,200.

In relation to the PPP/C advertisements during the 2015 Elections Campaign, $39,200 was for 100.1 Fresh FM; $1,453,750 for 98.1 Hot FM; $492,000 for Channel 11 and $1,723,250 for Voice of Guyana 102.5.

The General Secretary stated that the Party had requested the relevant invoices and documents from the NCN some time ago, but they are yet to receive such.

“We have asked for the data, we have asked for the invoices… we have also asked for the materials to be attached as proof and evidence of these debts and we haven’t received anything as yet,” he stated.

When asked whether the Party would pay the outstanding monies, Rohee responded in the affirmative, saying “the Party pays for whatever services it purchases or solicits or procures or it outsources”.

However, he added that they will not be issuing any new calls for this document as “they [NCN] have correspondence from us that remains unanswered”.

In relation to the audit reports that were submitted, the General Secretary related that he is yet to analyse them, however; he is of the opinion that the past chairpersons of the companies being audited should have played a part in reviewing the reports.




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