PPP awaiting elections date to elect PM candidate

People's Progressive Party’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo

…Ali promises restoration of democracy

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP), which successfully toppled the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government on December 21, 2018, says it is awaiting the announcement of the constitutionally mandated elections date by President David Granger before it starts the process of selecting its prime ministerial candidate.

The Party’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo told those gathered at the fundraising dinner on Saturday that the Party have deviated from the traditional process of selecting the prime ministerial candidate to include the Civic component of the PPP and that the process has already been streamlined.

He added that there will be an announcement of a prime ministerial candidate before Nomination Day after the official announcement of a date for the hosting of General and Regional Elections.

He further stated that the process “can move swiftly. Within a week of triggering that process we can select out prime ministerial candidate with adequate discussions on that issue. I want to assure that there is no requirement on Nomination Day to name the prime ministerial candidate so it is not that urgent but we will still have a prime ministerial candidate before Nomination Day which is 32 days before the elections are held.”

People’s Progressive Party’s General Secretary Bharrat Jagdeo

Nevertheless, prior to his departure to Cuba for cancer treatment, President Granger ordered GECOM to begin its preparations for the hosting of elections and also requested to meet with the Opposition Leader.

But told supporters that the President’s request reeks of desperation since it is the PPP alone that can extend the life of the present Government beyond the March 19 deadline.

“They know that only the People’s Progressive Party can extend the life of this Government because Article 106 (7) of our Constitution outlines that clearly… so they are desperate for a meeting to do that. But we have argued that there has been absolutely no good faith effort to meet the deadline, therefore there is no need for a meeting unless a date for the elections is set and is set with regards to the Constitution,” he stated.

“Not now they want house-to-house registration to push elections to December or next year. We will never acceded to that and they will be solely responsible for making this country go into unconstitutional territory so after that date expires… in Guyana we will have an illegal President, an illegal Government, illegal Ministers.

No contract signed by that Government will be respected by the People’s Progressive Party. There will be consequences to this. The country will go into a serious period of turmoil and all of you will have to be part of that. There will be strikes, we will have to come on the streets, not in a violent manner, to demonstrate that we are not going to allow our freedom to be impaired or taken away from us…” Jagdeo added.

The former President further told supporters that the PPP is not bothered by the Government’s daily shenanigans and excuses to hold onto power, explaining that it only reveals the true nature of the People’s National Congress – the largest demographic of the APNU.

Restoration of democracy

Meanwhile, the Party’s presidential candidate, Irfaan Ali, promised supporters the restoration of democracy which is being destroyed by the current APNU/AFC Administration. He said that tracing back to all the times the PPP has been in power, history would show that its leaders have fought for and guarded the democracy of the nation which is the foundation.

People’s Progressive Party on Saturday held a fundraiser at Leonora, West Coast Demerara. In this composite photo, the Party’s Presidential Candidate Irfaan Ali addresses the gathering where he expressed his gratitude for their support (Dexter Ceres photo)

Ali said citizens ought to trust their Government and everything that they promised to do, alluding to the lofty promises of the APNU/AFC’s 2015 manifesto. He accused the Government of fooling the nation with the promises it is yet to deliver upon. He urged supporters to inspect every manifesto the PPP/C has produced, adding that they would see that over 80 per cent of those promises was delivered.

The presidential hopeful further acknowledged that while in Government the PPP/C would have done extraordinary things but there were also gaps that he promised to fill once elected. He noted that Region Three (Essequibo Islands–West Demerara) which he hails from, has felt the brunt of the destruction by the APNU/AFC Administration, identifying the destruction of the sugar industry with the closure of the Wales Estate and the impending destruction of the rice industry.

Ali told those gathered at the fundraiser, which was held at Leonora, West Coast Demerara (WCD), that once in power, the PPP would focus on returning Guyana to its former glory of a nation that was thriving and accommodating to investors.





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