PPP attacks credibility, competence of GWI’s CEO

GWI's Managing Director, Dr Richard Van West-Charles
(CEO) of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr Richard Van West Charles.
(CEO) of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr Richard Van West Charles.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – General Secretary of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Clement Rohee has launched a scathing attack against the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Guyana Water Incorporated (GWI), Dr Richard Van West Charles.

Rohee, during a press conference at Freedom House on Monday, November 30, 2015, said that the Party is aware of the “non-transparent and inexcusable manner by which Richard Van West Charles, son-in-law of the dictator Forbes Burnham, was appointed Chief Executive Officer (CEO)…”

According to Rohee, Dr Van West Charles “is a Party hack associated with the disreputable and discredited PNC. Van West Charles lacks the qualifications and experience to address GWI’s distribution and porous water system due to leakage and theft; two deficiencies not dissimilar to GPL’s. Van West Charles subject Minister’s claim that he is “not sure how widely the post was advertised” is not to be taken seriously. The decision was obviously a political decision taken at the Ministry of the Presidency to hand another job to another of its boys.”

The PPP General Secretary noted that since his assumption to office, Dr Van West Charles has been visiting various communities parading the virtues of his new responsibilities.

General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews' Photo]
General Secretary of the PPP, Clement Rohee. [iNews’ Photo]
“Of noteworthy importance is the selected and discriminatory manner in which he is going about his business of ‘fixing’ long outstanding water woes especially at private housing schemes while neglecting a number of villages around the country who continue to be without a drop of water.”

Rohee further noted that “It is sad to know that with the upcoming Christmas season many Guyanese will experience either drips or no water at all.”

He also accused the CEO of implementing programmes which forms part of the PPP’s manifesto.

“The PPP is pleased that its commitments are being implemented by the APNU+AFC coalition administration, whose bankrupt policies in respect to the provision of potable water to many Guyanese homes leaves them with no alternative but to implement the programmes and policies of the PPP/C,” Rohee told reporters.



  1. Roti, you at it again! Schuups! Under whos government for 22 plus years was the GWI and GPL? You now say in all those years the best the PooPyParty could do was to leave, and I quote you—” a porous water system, due to leakage and theft, two deficiencies not disimilar to GPL”, and” long outstanding woes”, at GWI,___ end of quote. I am glad to see you come clean on the PooPyParty’s ineptness in government.I hope you come clean on much more, before they make you put both your fee,t back in your mouth.Jagdegone start to weep whenever you speak!

  2. How dear you ppl say roti is not qualified that man has been at the University of metropole to watch bicycles so don’t dear say that roti is not qualified stop it stop it

  3. Rohee made a statement about the Dictator Burhnam son in law! The Guyanese public would now like the PNC installed regime to show us why this guy is qualified for this job! We, the people of Guyana should demand that the qualification of Burhnam son in law be shown and made public since tax payers dollar are used to pay his salary! Why was he installed? A job should be applied for -all applications should be considered…HOWEVER, as much as I hate to say ROHEE is absolutely correct….ONLY DICTATORS installed people…no job interview, no screening process. Definition of a DICTATOR – DEMANDS -Leader -COACHES -DICTATOR SAY I – LEADER SAY WE – DICTATOR SAY GO-LEADER SAYS LE’s GO – DICTATOR MY WAY IS THE ONLY WAY – LEADER -STRENGTH IN UNITY…the installed PNC government is slowly coming to light. One by one the public will see the light when the facts unraveled slowly that Granger is NO different than BURHNAM….Guyana has taken 9 loans since this administration took office. Why can these fools think of ways to generate revenue rather than take loans! The MUST install people the thief!

  4. Rohee need to enlighten the Guyanese population as why the PNC wants to borrow billions of U.S $$$$$$ to run the country instead of generating money through job creation.

  5. Lets have a roll call of the ministers of the new Government and the PPP and their qualifications, and lets see where they stand. This would al least stop Rohee mouth from having verbal diarrhea.

  6. PPP attacks credibility, competence of GWI’s CEO
    Shut up Rohee: PNC teaching you PPPites how to dispense power.
    Families of the brutal dictator Burnham comes first:

  7. If PPP is to stand a chance they need to get rid of rohee,they lost because of the likes of rohee,i can leave with a BJ but i can’t leave with a rohee,he in not brilliant,not refine not smart and very racist all he has going for him is old party member

  8. This Rohee guy is all over the place! Little does he know that he’s indicting the PPP. Who left things in such a state that “.. many Guyanese will experience either drips or no water at all”?

    Are the programmes which forms part of the PPP’s manifesto good or bad programmes?

    Rohee is so much in the dark that he does not even know that Richard left the PNC and is with AFC. When last I checked, Richard has more than 4 CP

  9. I am ashamed of this idiot Rohee who’s claiming that Dr. Van West Charles is not qualified for the job. I would like Rohee to present his qualifications if he have any whatsoever. The PPP. Didnt provide water for many areas in their term of office so what is Rohee talking about. Keep your mouth shut idiot.

  10. Rohee you are a disaster ad can you put ur feet in Dr Van West Charles shoes?whch high school did you attend and whats ur academic credentials?you are just bitter,dumb and dellusional.Thats what the PPP WAS DOING WHEN THEY WERE IN OFFICE,PUTTING INCOMPETIENT UNQUALIFIED GOONS TO HOLD HIGH OFFICES.Rohee you are crazy,go back to school and stop making yourself a monument of stupidity.


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