PPP apologizes for calling murdered Agricola teen a criminal

Dead: Shaquille Grant.
Dead: Shaquille Grant.
Dead: Shaquille Grant.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it has noted the call for an apology by the mother of Shaquelle Grant concerning a statement issued in the name of the Party in which Grant was wrongly deemed a “criminal”.

A clarification was sought at the Party’s weekly press conference on Monday last where the General Secretary had promised to ascertain the veracity of the contents of the Statement.

“The Party has since done so and has determined that there is no justification in describing Shaquelle Grant as a criminal,” a statement noted.

It further stated that in the circumstances, the Party offers an unequivocal apology to the mother of Shaquelle Grant for this unfounded assertion and for any hurt and harm caused.

Earlier today, Shonnette Adams, the mother of the late Grant demanded an apology from PPP General Secretary Clement Rohee.

Seventeen – year – old Grant was killed approximately two years ago by police ranks in Agricola Village, East Coast Demerara, after the police swooped down on him and some friends that were sitting in a yard.

Three ranks were later charged with Grant’s murder; however, two of the men have been on the run since the charges filed, while one has been committed to stand a high court trial.

His mother, while demanding an apology, made it clear to members of the media that her son was never convicted of any crime nor was he ever wanted by the police for any offence.


  1. Well things that do not happen in years, happen in a day. The PPP/C apologizing to a black woman. This is a first, and a good beginning. APNU supporters keep your eyes on the prize do not be distracted. AFC turn it up in the PPP/C areas. You need to have a goal to win at least 3/4 of their supporters, especially in Berbice. Go, AFC go!!


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