PPP, APNU+AFC still to sign Code of Conduct

A section of the supports at the APNU+AFC rally at Anna Regina, Essequibo Coast

By Radha Motielall

Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.
Chairman of GECOM, Dr. Steve Surujbally.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Political parties contesting the May 11 General and Regional Elections are signing on to the GECOM Code of Conduct for Political Parties.

This was confirmed by Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission, Dr. Steve Surujbally, who told iNews that some of the small parties have already done so today, April 22.

Among the Parties which signed the code are the URP and the Theocracy Party; however, the two major political parties have not signed the code as yet, but are expected to do so soon.

The GECOM Chairman related that there was a slight mix up with the documents sent to the PPP/C, adding that it has since been rectified and so the ruling party should be signing the code very soon.

The APNU+AFC he said has by and large accepted the code and should also affix their signature soon. The code for political parties was signed in 2011 and addresses the behaviour, statements and other such matters associated with the elections campaign.

Notably, the code addresses the major concern being raised on both sides about the destruction of campaign materials and speaking on this issue Dr. Surujbally used the term “immature” while noting that such behaviour is indeed “unproductive and counterproductive.”

The Chairman said having received complaints from both sides, he has since asked the complainants to provide the tangible evidence, which can be used to both name and shame the culprits and given to the police for further action.

Dr. Surujbally reminded that this is a matter which the police can indeed take action on.




  1. this is so sick…this man like he was born in gecom..again he is doing all the talking alone..no pnc gecom with he..on election night pnc will again call for his head if he dont deliver victory to pnc..pnc will then get their prayer people to pray he away like they prayed away budhoo..


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