PPP alleges that many SOPs are fake; urges GECOM to halt declaration of results


PPP[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) in a memorandum to the diplomatic community is contending that irregularities plagued the May 11t, 2015 General and Regional Elections including specifically the voting at Polling Stations and the processing of the voting by GECOM electoral staff and others.

In support of its contention, the PPP/C disclosed that many Statements of Polls (SOPs) received by GECOM from the ten Electoral Districts were identified as fakes.

The Party in a statement noted that at its meeting on Wednesday, Chief Elections Officer of GECOM, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, disclosed that he had noticed that many of the SOPs had formats different from the authentic SOPs that were earlier distributed to the Electoral Districts to be used by Presiding Officers to tabulate votes at Polling Stations.

“These fake SOPs did not additionally carry the endorsed signatures of GECOM that were applied to every SOP purchased by GECOM from Canada,” the PPP noted.

According to the PPP, it was also disclosed that SOPs had numbers of voters that exceeded the voters that were assigned to the Polling Stations.

As a result of this, the PPP/C has decided that GECOM should cease declaration until the following is completed:

  1. a) The establishment of the genuine nature of each SOP submitted to GECOM for the ten (10) Electoral Districts and provision of a quantitative assessment of fake SOPs;
  2. b) The total recount of all ballots cast in the May 11th, 2015 Elections;
  3. c) The earliest disclosure of these irregularities, the nature and the results of the investigation done by GECOM;
  4. d) The submission of interventions to regain confidence in the Electoral process of May 11th, 2015.

If GECOM accepts the requests by the PPP/C, then there will be no final results of the elections today.



  1. Walter Rodney and Cheddie Jagan has to be turning in their graves to know that after what the Nation endured during the 60’s , 70’s and 80’s , that their disciples who are now in the same camp with the old implacable foe , the PNC .
    The PNC now has shown its hand at what it is good at, that is the corruption of certain GECOM staff members to derail the election process to bring about a PNC/APNU victory.
    Mr President , I humble ask you not to bend on this matter , and stand your ground on this recount request. You are not fighting for the PPPC but for all decent and honest Guyanese .who know fully well that had the PPPC lost ,fairly , the Party would have accepted the results , but to have this fostered on the Nation is a different matter .

  2. RECOUNT !RECOUNT !RECOUNT! If this was PNC GT and the East Indians would be in big trouble. I say if your closet hides nothing then there should be no objection.

  3. Ramotar has notting to lose but the people make their choice which the APNU and AFC can’t take so don’t blame Ramotar wrongfully see where is ramjattan gone into hiding

  4. Mr Ramjatan and Mr Nagamootoo and the other AFC leaders. The Nation is waiting to hear from you guys. Despite being in the partnership , what is your position on the SOP / recount problem ?

    Will you also follow the PNC/APNU line ?

  5. As an intelligent Guyanese who do not follow anyone blindly , certain events are now becoming clear as I watch the GECOM saga unfold. The hasty declaration of free and fair by members of the Diplomatic Community and other observer missions is being used by the APNU/PNC to give credibility to an action which was perpetuated on the Guyanese people.
    I would hate to believe that at the level of the CEO , collusion with certain presiding officers created the environment that bread the situation the Nation is in now. The SOP issue , recount request is a credible one and GECOM owe it to the Nation to ensure the process was and is credible and that the people who were entrusted with the task of managing the elections process did not contribute to the subversion of the process .
    I have to ask my AFC friends , who is in partnership with the PNC/APNU a question…Where do you stand on this ? This is a serious matter and history will judged you by it . Do you support a recount or not ?

  6. If it is indeed true about Fake SOPs, wont GECOM take Law actions against such Presiding Officers.Would they want such POs to work with GECOM in the future??? And does the Opposition want Power at all cost that they would stoop so low and present fake SOPs and over look this too. I hope they do better than the PPP in these five(5) years and stand to what they promise. Mr Nagamootoo and Mr Ramjattan they nation is watching you. We will be waiting to hear how much you will talk now. You used to blast the PPP in every way and manner. Waiting to see what you would do and say. Congrats and all the best APNU+AFC. Make Guyana better!!!!

  7. To the PPP/C Team I strongly urge you guys to stand firm on this recount issue. If Mr. Granger has nothing to hide , I dare him not to support such a request . I and also monitoring the behavior of some AFC principals on this issue . To the decent respected legal minds in the AFC , I ask you this question , would you stay silent on this SOP issue . The nation is watching the behavior of you guys knowing fully that you are a partner to the PNC/APNU.

    Like a comment I say by another writer , will you stay silent now ?

  8. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

    During the 60’s , 70’s and 80’s , Messers Nagamootoo and later Mr Ramjatan fought against SOP tampering and ballot box manipulation by the then PNC. The irony now is that they are in an alliance with that very party operating under a new name that has perpetuated this same behavior in collusion with others in GECOM. The question I have for these two good men is this :- Will you stay silent on this SOP issue now that your partner has trampled on the democratic process again ?
    Do you want power at all cost , so that the end justifies the means.

    Be very careful , you guys will be judged twice on the issue :-
    a. By your utterances.
    b. By your silence

  9. Stop it right there : why don’t you ask ramjattan what happen to the one million dollars that was missing from # 47 village under the ramjattan chairmanship ????

  10. It’s a shame the people have to wait so long to get the election results. In these enlighten days with all the modern technology. Guyana really need to move on from this backward state, people are fighting for power not to make the country a better place where we want to live but only to make themselves richer. It’s not right for us to wait any longer, it’s time people be able to move on with their lives. Somebody must win somebody must loose but it’s time to move on. This is even crippling the economy even forther by casing this hold up. Why can our political leaders in Guyana never accept defeat we always have to accuse the other of cheating. It’s time to stop this nonsense, it’s time for our political leaders grow up, look at the state of the country, you go to the airport every day people are leaving by the thousands. POLITICANS PLEASE ASK YOURSELF WHY WHY WHY? WE ARE EXHAUSTED. PLEASE DONT CHASE UE FROM OUR HOMES ANY LONGER, PLEASE GIVE US THE REASON TO STAY HOME. Don’t make us fight against each other, let continue to live in UNITY as we are:-

  11. Sir, the PPP” road” has come to an end, thanks to, believe me sir, Mr. Jagdeo. In my opinion, HE brought the dishonour to this party. He re-educated these otherwise good men, into a pack of followers of FILTHY LUCRE. They became metamorphosed, and behaved the same way that tigers would behave when they first taste bood. They became RULERS, little Caesars. I remember that man Joe Persaud from Canada who was fired when he spoke out about the cost to build schools; I remember the stone imported from Europe to build the Essequibo Road. I remember the new currency “the Noooktah -tah! ” That was the beginning. We have the end now! During 2011, we were assailed with the Obscene “backballing.’ This year some of us were subjected to the vile, ugly lessons about our “INDIANNESS.” We have learned from this. We will pass on these teachings to our children and implore them what NOT to say and how NOT to behave. Thanks to Mr. Jagdeo. His conceit is so great. This one man has opened our eyes, taught us what NOT to be as honourable men and women. Now, we embark on another journey with DAVID and MOSES. And, at the end of 5 yrs, if we have to, we will send them packing. Peace!

  12. Mr. President Ramotar, if you have lost the election, please bow out gracefully, please do not put the nation through a long and protracted waiting period. In every contest there are winners and losers, the nation has spoken, abide by their wishes. Stop looking for a needle in a haystack.

  13. If Mr. Lowenfield has acknowledged that there exists enough fake SOPs, then because of how close these elections were, it would have had a baring and significant impact in the outcome of these elections. There are no stalling tactics being employed whatsoever, it is unfortunate that this allegation has surfaced and points towards the APNU/AFC, they had to resort to rigging of these elections in order to gain power. Should this be found true, then this leads to a breakdown in democracy and ultimately Guyanese are the losers. Only GECOM can decide if there has been a significant amount of fake SOPs to affect the outcome of these elections. I would suggest to all that this process could eventually lead to a much longer delay and quite possibly a new election! Only time will tell and be prepared for the wait!

  14. shouldn’t GECOM have notice that these SPOs are fake cause they are in it too.What PPP/C is doing is totally leagal

  15. let do what is right or it will haunt the people that vote fair there should be no rush every guyanese waited five years so what is a few days more

  16. Sir, you mean, they RIGGED, right in front of the eyes of the party reps., the observers and GECOM? Did the police co-operate, also? OMG, we have to call in the FBI, Special Squad, CARICOM BOYS, tracker dogs, all who love democracy that we BROUGHT back! They swtched the ballot boxes,.. different keys, different SOPS, the PILOTS of the planes, drivers of the vehicles! GECOM itself…yes…GECOM Staff… they assisted…These wicked, wicked, thugs, these nemakarams, they stole what RIGHTFULLY belong to US! This cannot happen! GEE, how COME you allowed this, our victory, to GO away? Why did you CO-OPERATE with this evil? Whom to trust? ….AHH! AHh! My pills, my pills, what a nightmare! HOW COULD ANYONE DO THIS TO US, THE TRUE LEADERS?
    My pills? oK, thank you! I am alright now. I CAN NOW FACE REALITY.

  17. OBSERVERS seems not to be doing a good job.
    “These fake SOPs did not additionally carry the endorsed signatures of GECOM that were applied to every SOP purchased by GECOM from Canada,” the PPP noted.
    Also. “Chief Elections Officer of GECOM, Mr. Keith Lowenfield, disclosed that he had noticed that many of the SOPs had formats different from the authentic SOPs that were earlier distributed to the Electoral Districts to be used by Presiding Officers to tabulate votes at Polling Stations”.
    PNC are know for their many ways of RIGGING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The world is observing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Why only now the ppp finding all these unnecessary things just to try hold their seat, God know we need a change,you have rape the country without a condom for yearssss….

  19. The PPP will try its best to stir up violence. They are dishonorable enough not to care if they destroy a nation just to hold on to the sweet nectar of power.

    I wonder if that Jagdeo chap had crawled back under his rock.

    The PPP allege brutality of Kwamie. SHOW A PICTURE OF KWAMIE HOLDING A NEWSPAPERS WITH TODAY’S DATE. Come on PPP. Prove to us that you are not liars.

  20. I believe the PPP that some of the SOPs are fake. We need a total recount of all the ballots.

  21. Power is so……oooooooo Sweet!!!! we just cannot give it up without a fight!!!. Ah…we, hanging on for dear Life……Nooooooooo……this is a nightmare, don’t let it be so…..ooooo….oo….Oh Sita/Ram…….Help!!!!!!.

  22. Violence may be the answer to your kind but you are an ass to suggest that this will be the answer at this stage. Think before you text. It’s a shame so many of you people didn’t go to school. Go read a book.


  24. The PPP is alleging fraud and must be given a hearing. The concerns are valid as agreed by the Chief Elections Officer Mr Lowenfield:

    “Mr. Keith Lowenfield, disclosed that he had noticed that many of the SOPs had formats different from the authentic SOPs that were earlier distributed to the Electoral Districts to be used by Presiding Officers to tabulate votes at Polling Stations”.

  25. Dutch that is what they want. But the Coalition supporters WILL NOT be tempted by their desperate action. BTW I wonder what happened to Kwame????

  26. This is over doing it. it is getting on eeveryone’s nerves, won’t be surprised now if people start to lash out violently.

  27. Guyana is showing the rest of the world how backwards is people are. Three hundred thousand piece of paper is taking them five days to count,

  28. What the hell this is the most pathetic excuse I have ever heard!!!! If that is the case the President and all Government officials have to leave their respective offices and let the Army rule. Bull shit Ramator. What ever happened to accept defeat.


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