PPP accuses Opposition of attacking Gov’t projects; says they are ‘anti – people’


PPP[www.inewsguyana.com] – The People’s Progressive Party (PPP) says it has taken note of the joint opposition attacks on developmental projects undertaken by the Government.

General Secretary of the Party, Clement Rohee told a news conference today that these are all massive projects designed to modernize country and upgrade the quality of life of the Guyanese people.

He said that the Alliance For Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) are attacking the projects in a deliberate and calculated manner.

“Which party that truly and genuinely cares for the well being of the Guyanese people would stand in the way of projects such as the Amalia Falls Hydro-electric power which is designed to provide the Guyanese people with cheap and reliable power while at the same time boosting the competiveness of the country’s manufacturing sector?”

Rohee further noted, “Which caring political party would block the construction of a Specialty Hospital which is intended to provide specialized medical care to the Guyanese people at affordable costs?”

“Which political party worth its salt would refuse to provide parliamentary support to the expansion and modernization of its international airport and a spanking and modern Marriot Hotel which would make Guyana more tourism friendly and serve to attract more visitors to the country?”

The General Secretary noted that the “PNC and its political acolytes have clearly embraced an approach to politics that is clearly anti-national and anti-people. It has declared its willingness to sacrifice the good of the country on the altar of narrow partisan self interest. Its political behaviour can at best be described as infantile which is not only dysfunctional but reactionary and destructive in terms of advancing our national patrimony.”

He said the PNC lacks the moral right to pronounce on, much less to criticize the current administration “after having reduced this country to a laughing stock in the region and beyond. Because of mismanagement and incompetence billions of dollars went down the drains on several in conceived projects which never saw the light of day.”




  1. They government have engineers that does a cost evaluation then the contractor bids. The engineers utilise a standard to produce their evaluated price. The project is carried out. At the end of the project the government engineers scrutinize the physical project. The financial scrutiny is done by the PAC headed by Greenidge, the auditor general headed by another opposition aligned individual. If there is any financial irregularities then an investigation is carried out by PAC or Auditor General. If the minister is culpable then he can be disciplined by the Parliament and if possible the integrity commission. Unfortunately you seem to be the dumb person here.

  2. Can you tell us who do the pricing for any contract ,,you want to tell us how to break down THIEF ,,that is all this government is doing ,,you got to be a minister,,BLIND DEFF like hell And VERY DUMMM,,stop lying to yourself

  3. You are a true KN reader. Unfortunately you didn’t read the breakdown of spending that the published. Like every opposition reader the resort to the misleading headlines in KN. You need to read and understand more that you are being mislead by your so called leaders and their friends.

  4. I am sure you not living in Guyana, the money that has been spent on any project if every PNC minister had another 28 years they could not thief as much,,,look at all tje projects eg the NIS toilet that was built in berbice,,the figures were enough to build a SMART TOILET,, look at the airport the piss bowl was another SMAT BOWL ,,you ppl are running from the real thing ,,but i should not expect any better comments for the NCN and company,,you guys even think Murder is happiness and drugs is what making many of you rich so to hell with anything else,,all you ppl do is grab and as long you get a big house and ya bank book full ya happy,,the PNC progress never come,,is the past ,,we all need to see Guyana go in the right direction,,not one bunch of criminals taking everything ,,,its one set of you taking it all ,,,SHAME

  5. There is nothing that the PNC can put next to the PPP projects. You speak of the cost, however the PNC spend out all the money and guyana had no infrastructure. Now guyana have so much infrastructure under the PPP that the opposition so jealous that the voting them down in the Parliament. PPP making the big bad opposition looking worst and some find it difficult to accept.

  6. WOW great job, NCN report, since 1992 its the hard working ppl who depend on family sending a barrel and money for they to own a little car, how many of them can own the things you guys have, the cars tell us how many have to run taxi to pay for them, its 2014 and not one home can get 24-7-365 simple WATER true the taps, the
    Lights at the ground, show how much is the real cost,,not the ppp cost,,tell us the playing field that Barrat took to build his house,that a great job,,black ppl dont need lights or a ground to play ,,,how many project were given to any other nation, well said who got to thief most of the money from the so call clean up HA thats a joke for who,,,the city so clean and one tear. Drop from heaven and the city drown ,,,I must admit Guyana came a far way from stop to stand STILL,,,photos tell a lot ,,,we have created lawless ppl ,,like the convected criminals like ZIP and shawn Hinds and i can go on with the list who were given legal guns, tell us in witch country the criminal elements are given gun permits,,under Bunrhsn PNC. Give me one criminal that owned a legal firearm,,taps and others like the nasty RABHI house of isreal,,we all have info on them, how much the pool cost a fraction of what the ppp say the spend,,,guys you think every Guyanese suffer from the same thing FORGET-FULL – SYNDROME

  7. What the PPP would have accomplished was not written in KN or Stabroek and I assume that’s why you don’t know. Have you read about the increase rice production and export, do you know that the in 1992 guyana produced only 10 megawatts of energy compare to the 140 plus produced today, have you ever crosses on the Berbice river bridge, have you ever watched cricket at the albion cricket ground under the new lights, have you ever visited the Olympic size swimming pool or the athletic track at lenora, do you know that it is the government that is cleaning up the PNC run Georgetown, have you seen the increased number of houses being built on the east bank, do you know that guyana register approximately 10,000 new cars yearly. These are a few things that was made possible of PPP.

  8. This misister sounds very desperate to hold on to power. He should be speaking about what the PEE PEE PEE has acomplished not what could have been.


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