PPP accesses private emails, mobile numbers to canvass votes


By Fareeza Haniff

Freedom-House[www.inewsguyana.com] – In addition to sending mass emails to thousands of Guyanese asking for votes, the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) has now acquired the telephone numbers of the electorate, both their landline service and mobile device.

Several upset citizens have complained to iNews that “persons from Freedom House” have called them on their mobile phones and landline, enquiring if they will be voting for the PPP at the upcoming May 11 general and regional elections.

According to one woman, who prefers to remain anonymous, the caller also told her not to inform anyone about the telephone call. The woman expressed fear for her safety, as she noted that the caller from Freedom House knows “personal information” about her; they are in possession of her home and cell phone numbers.

When iNews contacted one of the two numbers provided – 231 – 9303 and 231 – 9298 – a young lady answered saying “Freedom House, good morning.” She identified herself as Cindy Wordsworth and revealed that she was provided with telephone numbers for Guyanese “all over” by the Leadership of the PPP.

“We got it from the General Secretary of the Party; we’ve just been calling to encourage persons to come out and vote and asking if they will be voting for the PPP and if they would like to volunteer in any voluntary activities,” the young lady told iNews.

When questioned, she could not say where or how the PPP acquired thousands of telephone numbers of the electorate, pointing out that she was only hired some two weeks ago by Freedom House.

“I don’t know where they got it from but they got it; not your number alone ma’am, it’s everybody number around the country.”

Several persons have expressed concern at the fact that the Party has been able to access their personal information without their knowledge or consent.




  1. some good lawyers have to look into the legality of how access to these telephone numbers were made and if there is ground for a class action lawsuit move in that direction.

    i would be terribly afraid knowing that rohee and the ppp are in possession of my phone number and other details and would be feel rather uncomfortable getting a call from the cabal asking me whom i will vote for.

    people should not be intimidated by their government in this fashion.

  2. At least it didn’t say ” you are receiving this email as the supporter of ……… that I received. How can you tell that I am supporting you. I sent the mail straight to trash and tagged it as spam. In the days of modern techonology, information is as easy as a once click. If you haven’t used the internet them you maybe unknown… if you have, then you are known.

  3. I would like to suggest to Inews,stop printing Reply under Comments if you don`t want anyone to respond,so we won`t have cause to Cancel.

  4. PPP with all the tons of legal minds cannot break the law by calling people and soliciting their votes. No law was broken! Clement Rohee, is not as arrogant as Williams and Felix. I want the Nimakaram, to step up to clement here.

  5. So Mr Carrie: I hope this make you feel like a complete goat.


    We are pleased to introduce the logo of the APNU + AFC Coalition as it will appear on the May 11, 2015 Ballot.

    Please share with your friends and family and help us to win.


    You can also assist the coalition clicking here to Donate

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    http://www.apnuguyana.org | [email protected]

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  6. Nothing is wrong with political parties trumping up support. It is up the that individual to chose for whom they will give their vote in the end.

  7. Stop being blinded and stupid… No where in the constitution says any party has the right to COAX/HARRASS anybody to do anything whether or no you have access to my conntact info…. And stop lying, APNU AFC does not email anybody outside of their support grouping or who woud have prior given consent….

  8. PPP/C better don’t call me because they will not like the reception. I don’t want any telemarketer calling me especially from the PPP/C.

  9. I been emailed by APNU.
    How the heck they got my email?
    These fools are so dumb.
    Phone numbers is easily gotten.
    Who are they?
    They are being coaxed to execute their democratic right.
    No one is asking these people for money.

  10. I’ve been emailed by APNU urging me to vote. I am not sure how they got my work email, but it could be someone I know…..these things are quite common in other countries….#notsurprised

  11. prefers to remain anonymous????? and you folks here print:::wow…pretty soon they will tell you that ppp called them in the dead of the night on their land lines and on cell and threatened them to vote ppp..


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