‘Powered carbon’ in rice was no deliberate attempt to harm ranks – GDF

Suspected ‘powered carbon’ found in rice at GDF base
Suspected ‘powered carbon’ found in rice at GDF base

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Guyana Defence Force (GDF) is satisfied that there was no deliberate attempt to harm its ranks after strange substance was found in a bag of rice delivered to Base Camp Stephenson in Timehri.

GDF’s Communication Officer, Acting Lt. Col Lorraine Foster told reporters on Thursday, April 30 that the Force is satisfied that the incident was not intentional.

She explained that the Army along with police ranks visited the rice mill based in Essequibo and conducted a thorough investigation. 

She said there was suspicious in other food items.

According to the Officer, that was the first time something of that nature had ever occurred.

“We have disseminated the information to our ranks and they seem comfortable. They’re eating,” Foster said.

A press release from the GDF had noted that at approximately 06:30 hours on April 25 a sealed bag of rice was opened by ration store personnel for rice to be distributed to various kitchens at Base Camp Stephenson.

“While dipping the rice out, the two ranks observed a brown paper bag which they inadvertently tore as they dipped the rice. Inside the paper bag, was a substance suspected to be powered carbon.”

It was further noted that the GDF will continue to exercise diligence and seek to ensure that it mitigate against any possibility of harm coming to its troops.



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